Draftkings has decided to bless us with some Dota slates finally now that we’re out of the Bo2 craziness that is the group stage. They’ve smartly decided to push their big tournament to Wednesday so that they didn’t have to do a 2 gamer (there are a bunch of Bo1 on Tuesday and 2 Bo3), but we have a small slate Tuesday. Here are my projections, keep in mind these are projections for IF a team wins, a higher projection does not mean that team has a better chance to win. Also, IG only lost once during the group stage, and it was a high kill/long game, so Spirit’s projections are probably too boosted. The projections are more useful for deciding who within a team to play than they are which team to play. Anyhow, here are the projections:

Team Player DK Role Position Matchup 2-0 Projection 2-1 Projection
OG Sumail Core 1 Team Secret 166.4 176.9
OG Topson Core 2 Team Secret 139.1 137.3
OG Ceb Core 3 Team Secret 128.4 137.3
OG Saksa Support 4 Team Secret 106.5 108.3
OG N0tail Support 5 Team Secret 80.2 71.9
Team Secret Matumbaman Core 1 OG 162.9 168.0
Team Secret Nisha Core 2 OG 167.6 179.6
Team Secret Zai Core 3 OG 140.1 156.8
Team Secret Yapzor Support 4 OG 146.5 158.5
Team Secret Puppey Support 5 OG 157.7 155.7
Invictus Gaming FlyFly Core 1 Team Spirit 111.3 116.4
Invictus Gaming Emo Core 2 Team Spirit 115.9 114.3
Invictus Gaming JT- Core 3 Team Spirit 109.8 96.7
Invictus Gaming kaka Support 4 Team Spirit 81.5 66.6
Invictus Gaming Oli~ Support 5 Team Spirit 80.4 71.7
Team Spirit Yatoro Core 1 Invictus Gaming 140.2 124.3
Team Spirit TorontoTokyo Core 2 Invictus Gaming 181.0 163.5
Team Spirit Collapse Core 3 Invictus Gaming 172.5 154.3
Team Spirit miroslaw Support 4 Invictus Gaming 143.0 125.4
Team Spirit Miposhka Support 5 Invictus Gaming 124.9 97.9

Short article for the slate coming soon!

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