Today we have the start of ESL One Thailand Americas. If you’re wondering why the name is Thailand it’s because that’s where the tournament was originally supposed to be held before LAN events were forced to be moved online. This tournament features 7 of the same teams from The Great American Rivalry tournament that just finished plus “Gorillaz-Pride” who will step in to the roll Infinity Esports and Vira-Lata previously occupied of being outclassed by their competition.

The group stage, which kicks off Saturday, consists of a round robin of Best of 3’s.

Results :

YTD: 29-29 +6.44 units

The end of The Great American Rivalry was up and down. I had a bit too much faith in Thunder Predator, as it turned out their shaky play continued and they ended up getting knocked out by 4 Zoomers whom they had previously dominated this year. Cr4zy came through for us to salvage the playoffs beating 4 Zoomers in the lower bracket finals as a +140 underdog.

On to this next slate of games.


Unfortunately Bovada has not put out any lines for these games as of almost 11:00 am EST of 8/8. I don’t know what they are doing as they have lines out for much lower tier Dota. All lines are from Pinnacle.

Cr4Zy (-165, -1.5 maps @ +200)  vs

Thunder Predator (+125, +1.5 maps @ -280) 1:00 pm EST

These teams have matched up 6 times since online only play began. Cr4zy is up 3-2-1 (W-L-T) on the series, but only up 8-7 on maps. These teams just met in the first round of the upper bracket of The Great American Rivalry playoffs, with Cr4Zy taking a 2-0 win. This series was the start of Thunder Predator’s struggles, as they had a bizarre play in Game 1 where they stayed in the Rosh bit while Cr4Zy took their base. Game 2 they had a big advantage early in the game only to slowly give it back and eventually get choked out.

Thunder Predator really continued to struggle in their next 2 series, dropping a game to an Infamous team that they are far superior to before getting knocked out by 4 Zoomers. They’ve had a few days off to fix their problems during scrims, but who knows if they’ve been able to. I think Cr4Zy is the slightly better team, and coupled with Thunder Predator’s struggles I’ll be on Cr4zy here.

My Picks:

Cr4zy ML -165 (2 units)

Cr4zy -1.5 maps +200 (1 units)


Business Associates (-225, -1.5 maps @ +133) vs

Infamous (+165, +1.5 maps @ -178) 4:00 pm EST

Business Associates are 1-0-1 (W-L-T) vs Infamous since online only play began. The map score is only 3-2 in BA’s favor though. Business Associates are clearly the better team here, but have really struggled of late, going 3-6-1 (W-L-T) in their last 10 games. Infamous are also 2-6-2 in their last 10 games in tier 1 tournaments. Business Associates should take this series fairly easily, and while I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop a game, I’ll still take them at plus odds to win 2-0.

My Picks:

Business Associates ML -225 (2 units)

Business Associates -1.5 maps +133 (.5 units)


Let’s have a good start to this tournament!

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