Both EU and NA have been off for the past couple of days. Wednesday we have 2 NA/SA games before EU is back on Thursday.

Results :

YTD: 36-39 +1.20 units


On Wednesday we have:

Cr4Zy (-200, -1.5 maps @ +155) vs

Beastcoast (+145, +1.5 maps @ -215) 1:00 pm EST

Since the start of online play these teams have met 7 times. CraZy is 6-0-1 (W-T-L) in those 7 matchups, leading the map score 12-3. I haven’t seen anything from either team recently that would make me feel like anything has changed here. Beastcoast have continued to mostly struggle, and Cr4Zy continue be able to beat anyone in NA/SA except for Quincy Crew. I think this line should be much more in favor of Cr4Zy, so I’ll be on them here.

My Picks:

Cr4Zy -200 (2 units)

Cr4Zy -1.5 maps +155 (1 unit)


4 Zoomers (-500, -1.5 maps @ -130) vs

Infamous (+320, +1.5 maps @ -105) 4:00 pm EST

These teams have met 5 times during online only play, including 4 times in a span of 2 weeks back at the beginning of May. 4 Zoomers is 5-0, with a map score of 11-1. Much like the last series, I haven’t seen anything from either team that would make me think this series should go any differently, so I’ll be heavily on 4 Zoomers in this spot.

My Pick:

4 Zoomers -1.5 maps -130 (2 units)


That’s it for Wednesday’s games, short and sweet. I’ll be back for Thursday’s games with a longer write-up.

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