Welcome back! Wednesday gives us two more best of 3 series of some good old-fashioned NA (and SA) Dota, as group play rolls along.

Results :

8/11: 2-0 +1.76 units

YTD: 33-34 +3.27 units

Boy did Cr4Zy give us a scare in Game 2 of their series vs Infamous. They took Game 1 fairly easily, but in Game 2 they trailed from minute 19 all the way to minute 48. Eventually, the late-game Terrorblade was just too strong though, and Cr4Zy managed to eek out a win to get the 2-0 and give us a win on our bet.

In Game 1 of the 4 Zoomers vs Beastcoast matchup Beastcoast made the mistake of letting Monkeys-forever get his signature hero, Batrider. He absolutely made them pay, finishing with an 8-0-21 KDA in a fairly easy win for 4 Zoomers. Game 2 was a lot more tightly contested. 4 Zoomers shut down Sammyboy’s Arc Warden in lane, but the rest of 4 Zoomers picked up the slack and managed to get a lead. They ended up actually giving the lead up for a little while in the mid-game, but by then Sammyboy had been able to catch up in farm, and he eventually became an unstoppable force, propelling 4 Zoomers to another 2-0 series win, and another win on the day for us. Let’s try to keep this little 2 day profitable streak rolling into Wednesday.


The games for Wednesday are:

Quincy Crew (-4000, -1.5 maps @ -375) vs

Gorillaz-Pride (+900, +1.5 maps @ +255) 1:00 pm EST

These teams haven’t met this year, as this is the first top tier tournament Gorillaz-Pride has qualified for. They did manage to take a game off of Beastcoast in their opening series, but frankly I think that says more about Beastcoast than it does G-Pride. The next day after beating Beastcoast they lost 2-0 to something called “Vicous Gaming Young”. I have never heard of Vicious Gaming, let alone their youth squad, so that doesn’t exactly bode well for G-Pride’s chances against the best team in NA.

Now, there is always the risk that Quincy Crew does not take this matchup seriously. We talked the other day about how they are starting to lose focus during the group stage of tournaments, and sure enough they lost 2-0 to 4 Zoomers. However, because of that loss they need to make sure they beat Gorillaz-Pride or risk digging themselves a huge hole in the standings (only the top 4 out of 8 make the playoffs). Even if they mess around in Game 2 I think the talent gap is simply to great for G-Pride to overcome in this series.

My Pick:

Quincy Crew -1.5 maps -375 (3 units)


Business Associates (+280, +1.5 maps @ -120) vs

Thunder Predator (-425, -1.5 maps @ -115) 4:00 pm EST

These teams have met 6 times since online play began, and the series is tied at 3-3. The map score is tied at 7. Thunder Predator have won the 2 most recent series, a 2-0 and a 2-1. That said, Business Associates are in disarray right now. They are 2-1-7 (W-L-T) in their last 10 games, with the only wins coming against Vira-Lata and Midas Club. They just lost 2-1 to Infamous. They also appear to have swapped Moo and EternalEnvy’s positions, moving Moo to mid and EE to carry, not that it’s made much of a difference.

While I don’t trust BA enough to bet on them in this spot, this line is unfortunately to juiced towards Thunder Predator for me to want to bet on them either. They themselves are only a few days removed from some shaky play in the Great American Rivalry playoffs. I’ll be staying away in this spot.

My Pick:

No action


Pretty light day with just the 1 bet, and a bet on a heavy favorite at that, but I don’t want to force a bet I don’t think has value. BA is close to having value, so I wouldn’t begrudge anyone a bet on Business Associates map spread or even moneyline, but I won’t be touching it myself.

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