After taking Monday off, ESL One Thailand – Americas resumes its group stage games on Tuesday. We have two best of 3 series from North and South America

Results :

8/9: 2-1 +0.57 units

YTD: 31-34 +1.51 units

We had decent bounce-back day on Sunday, as 4 Zoomers really came through for us against Quincy Crew, actually managing to sweep them 2-0. In Game 1 4 Zoomers was in control almost the entire time, never trailing by more than 1,000 gold and closing the game out in 34 minutes. Game 2 they lost the lanes a bit, but came storming back in the mid-game, and actually that game even faster than Game 1, winning in just under 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, Beastcoast dropped a game to Gorillaz-Pride, losing a wildly back and forth Game 2 that featured 5 lead changes after 30 minutes. Even game 3 was a bit shaky, as the teams traded the lead back and forth up until pulling away after about 23 minutes of action. I’m going to try not to read too much into this series for Beastcoast, but this is really not a team they should be dropping games to if they want to be a contender in this tournament.


Bovada finally got their act together and put odds up for Tuesday’s games, so unless otherwise stated that’s where the odds are from. Again all series are Best of 3.

Cr4Zy (-575, -1.5 maps @ -140) vs

Infamous (+345, +1.5 maps @ Even) 1:00 pm EST

These teams have met twice since online only play began, both 2-0’s for Cr4zy. If you just look at the wins and losses recently it may look like Cr4zy are on a bit of a downtrend, however all of their recent losses are to either Quincy Crew or Thunder Predator. While Quincy Crew stands out above the rest of NA and SA, Cr4zy can compete with any of the other top NA/SA teams. Unforunately for them, Infamous are not one of those top teams. They pick up a 2-1 victory over Business Associates to open their ESL One Thailand tournament, but as I mentioned the other day Business Associates aren’t a top team either as currently constituted.

I don’t think the line here is egregiously off, -140 implies a ~58% chance that Cr4Zy win 2-0. I think that number should be between 60 and 65%, so I’ll be on them here, but just for a single unit.

My Pick:

Cr4Zy -1.5 maps @ -140 (1 unit)


Beastcoast (+225, +1.5 maps @ -145) vs

4 Zoomers (-325, -1.5 maps @ +105) 4:00 pm EST

These teams have met 3 times since online only play began, 4 Zoomers is up 2-1 in series, 4-2 in map score. Beastcoast has really been all over the place of late. It’s been more downs than ups but every now and then they’ll break out a little bit of their TI form and 2-0 Quincy Crew like they did a couple of weeks back. 4 Zoomers on the other hand have been playing really well of late. They are 6-2 in their last 8, with the only losses coming to Quincy Crew and Cr4zy, while they have 2 wins over Quincy Crew, a win over Thunder Predator, and a 2-0 victory over this Beastcoast team during that time span. I’m confident they will win the series, and think it’s about 50/50 they get the sweep. Given that the sweep is plus odds, I’ll be on 4 Zoomers here.

My Pick:

4 Zoomers -1.5 maps +105 (1 unit)


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