Welcome back! This is going to be a fairly short article the next couple days as I’m visiting some family and pressed for time. The research process behind my picks, I’ll just be a little shorter in explaining the background. Without further ado lets jump in.


Tuesday we have 4 more EU matches. 2 are 2nd round upper bracket matches and 2 are elimination matches in the lower bracket.

Navi (+150, +1.5 maps @ -205) vs

Alliance (-210, -1.5 maps @ +150) 5:00 am EST

Navi were impressive beating VP.Prodigy 2-0 in their opening match. Alliance were equally impressive crushing NiP in theirs. I’m expect Alliance to win, but I’m going to take a wait and see approach on this new iteration of Navi.

My Pick:

No action


OG (-165, -1.5 maps @ +180) vs

Nigma (+120, +1.5 maps @ -250) 8:00 am EST

OG came thru for us Monday, beating Vikin.gg in two fairly back and forth games. Nigma also look surprisingly unaffected by not having Kuroky as they dominated Game 1 against FlytoMoon before winning a much closer Game 2. I expect OG to take advantage of the lack of Kuro much better than FlytoMoon did (they had their own stand-in for Game 1) and will be on them again here.

My Picks:

OG -165 (2 units)

OG 1.5 maps +180 (1 unit)


VP.Prodigy (-325, -1.5 maps @ +105) vs

Ninjas in Pajamas (+230, +1.5 maps @-145) 11:00 am EST

Prodigy were definitely a letdown on Monday, as they struggled in particular to get their carry, epileptickk1d, going at all in the 2-0 defeat to Navi. NiP looked horrible on Monday, getting stomped by Alliance in both games. Prodigy should get the win here, but I could see they dropping a game after their opening round performance, so I don’t think there’s any value to be had here.

My Pick:

No action


Vikin.gg (-110, +1.5 maps @ -325) vs

FlytoMoon (-125, -1.5 maps @ +225) 2:00 pm EST

FlytoMoon are 2-0 against Vikin.gg since the online only play started, winning 2-0 and 2-1. I think they are the slightly better team on paper, a little bit more so than the odds are accounting for. I’ll be taking a relatively small shot on them here.

My Picks:

FlytoMoon -125 (1 unit)

FlytoMoon -1.5 maps @ +225 (.5 units)


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