Hi again, Chris here bringing you another edition of my Dota picks.

Recap from 7/10:

Record: 0-2 Net: -2 units

Overall: 1-4 -1.95 units

This was a disappointing series from Infamous. They allowed Cr4zy to play to their drafts win conditions, while not really playing to their own.

Infamous played okay in game one. They were actually up in kill count for most of the early game, but they did not stop Hfn’s anti-mage from farming nearly enough. He quickly got far too large, having a net worth lead of ~5k over the 2nd most farmed hero in the game by 25 minutes. You are simply not going to be able to stop an anti-mage that is allowed to farm that much in a pro game.

Game 2 they got run over by a mid Nature’s Prophet. I’m not sure why teams aren’t banning this hero more, as it can play several positions and is extremely strong right now. Infamous offered almost no resistance this game getting run over in a couple mid game teamfights before GG’ing out. Cr4zy really stepped their play up practically overnight. Oh well, when we bet underdogs you have to be prepared to lose a decent amount of the time. On to tomorrow.

Hero of the Day:

Anti-Mage: Since I talked about him a little bit above, I decided I’d highlight AM as our hero of the day. Anti-mage is a position 1 only, he never really been viable as anything else in the pro scene.

The whole idea of anti-mage is that he can farm faster than almost any other hero. He’s pretty weak in lane, but once he gets his battle fury (causes attacks to cleave and hit multiple enemies at once), he accelerates incredibly quickly. A farmed AM will always be an item or two ahead of the opponents carry, and therefore able to win the game for his team throughout the Mid and Late game.

AM’s abilities are as follows:

Mana Break: Every time Anti-Mage hits an enemy hero, enemy creep, or jungle creep he burns a % of their max mana, and deals damage equal to 50% of the mana burned. AM really lives up to his name with this one. This passive ability helps AM destroy spellcasters, as he quickly depletes their mana, rendering them virtual useless if they survive, which they usually don’t because of all the extra damage AM is doing as he burns the mana.

Blink: Just like QoP, AM has a blink built in to his kit. I promise that even though this is the 2nd out of 3 heroes with a built in blink, there really aren’t many heroes in Dota that have them. AM’s blink is also on a 6 second cooldown, and does not get reset by damage. The only things that prevent Anti-mage from using blink are stuns, silences, roots, or leashes. AM’s blink allows him to get to the back lines of fights, as well as farm safely in dangerous areas of the map. AM is great at split pushing because he can escape with his blink in addition to his next spell.

Counterspell: This ability gives Anti-Mage passive magic resistance, meaning spells that do magic damage do less against him. Plus, it has an active component where AM puts a shield up. Any targeted (meaning the caster clicked the spell onto AM, not that they cast an AoE spell and AM happens to be in the area) spell will be reflected back at the caster. This means that if you try to stun AM while his shield is up, that spell gets reflected and you end up stunned instead. Keep in mind that many stuns have a long cast animation and/or projectile travel time, meaning they don’t hit AM instantly. A pro level AM player will be able to react in time to many stun attempts and get his shield up before he is hit by the stun. The shield lasts for 1.2 seconds and has a 3 seconds cooldown at max level, meaning AM can have his shield up 40% in the late game.

Mana Void: AM’s ultimate is called Mana Void. Mana Void damages opponents per mana missing from the opponent. The way it usually goes is AM hits a target a few times, during which Mana Break wipes out their mana. AM then casts Mana Void and all that lost mana turns into damage, target is dead. Additionally, Mana Void includes a 0.3 second stun on the hero AM casts it on. While this may not seem like much, the stun interrupts channeling spells, including teleports. A hero that could otherwise TP to safety will be stuck if hit by Mana Void.

As I mentioned, AM wins by having way more farm than other heroes. Naturally, the way to stop this is to shut AM down early. If you can keep AM behind or even with your own carry, you have a good shot to beat him.


On to today’s games. NA and EU are both off, so we are going to take a look at the CDA Professional League, which is the Chinese league. There are two matchups, both Best of 3 series. The first is:

Ehome (+195, +1.5 maps @ -165) vs

CDEC (-280, -1.5 maps @ +120) 4am Est

CDEC is fresh of winning OGA Dota Pit Season 2 China, and that appears to be heavily factored into these odds. Even with that win, they are only 3-2 across their last 5 series, as they came out of the losers bracket and also lost to Team Aster in a CDA match since the league and tournament were occurring simultaneously.

Realistically, both of these teams are middle of the pack teams in China. They have met 5 times since the start of May, with CDEC up 3-2 in series wins. However, the game score over those series is 7-7. All of this is to say that these teams are far more evenly matched than this line is indicating. Even with CDEC playing fairly well recently, Ehome certainly has a better chance to win than the 34% that the line indicates. I’ll take Ehome for the series as well as the individual game lines.


My Picks:

Ehome @ +195 (1 unit)

Ehome G1 @ +150 (.5 units)

Ehome G2 @ +150 (.5 units)

Vici Gaming (-175, -1.5 maps @ +175) vs

Royal Never Give Up (+125, +1.5 maps @ -240)

Vici Gaming is who CDEC beat in the OGA Dota Pit finals, which must sting a little bit after knocking CDEC to the lower bracket in the upper bracket finals. Even worse, VG was up 2-0 in that finals series before dropping 3 straight games. I do not expect that to impact them coming into tonight’s series against RNG though, they play so much Dota that they’ll have quickly put that loss behind them. RNG finished 3rd in the OGA Dota Pit tournament, both of their playoff loses were to CDEC, and are another strong team.

VG is 2-1 in series against RNG since the start of May, with a game score of 5-3. I think this line is about right, and will therefore be refraining from making an official selection. I would lean to the RNG individual game lines which are both at +110 at time of publication.

My pick:

No action

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