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DFS Analysis – Thrive Fantasy Picks (March 5, LCS Week 4)

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Hello Esports Department Subscribers! This year we have partnered with Thrive Fantasy to PropUp this season.

For those of you unfamiliar with what Thrive Fantasy is, it is a different version of Daily Fantasy Sports that is solely based around player props. Each prop has a designated point value to it and your goal is to score the most points by selecting five different props (players must play to count, so you cannot just select a non-starter and choose the under).

Available Props:

Recap of last week:

Alright, we finally had a week where things went as expected in NA. Stixxay for his second kill when Vulcan decided he just wanted to dive into 4 players while his team took the nexus, so that was unfortunate. However, the other two hit safely. I should have gone with my gut and recommended the SwordArt over 6.5 assist, TSM did end up beating TL and SwordArt easily had over 6.5 assists. On to week 4 of the LCS.

My Picks:

Newbie Under 3.5 Assists

We’re going to start this week off with a spicy 110 point recommendation again, and it is mostly under the same assumption from last week. To no one’s surprise, GGs is a big underdog against TL. I think with that, I think TL just stomp GGs and I would not be surprised to see something like the last game that TL played against GGs. In that game, Golden Guardians was only able to secure 3 total kills. I am taking the shot for the extra points on the under for Newbie and hoping Team Liquid stomps the Golden Guardians.

WildTurtle Over 2.5 Kills

This game is basically a coinflip on the betting odds, but I think that CLG will be able to edge out IMT. There is not a lot of data on CLG wins this year since they have not won many games, so I looked at averages of winning ADC throughout the league. ADCs on winnings teams are averaging 5.54 kills/game. CLG and IMT have played a fair amount of higher kill games. Even looking at all CLG’s wins and losses, Wildturtle is averaging 4 kills/game. I think taking the over on 2.5 kill for Wildturtle for 100 points is a good choice.

Xerxe Over 1.5 Deaths

Sticking with the CLG is going to win this game, junglers in losing games are averaging 2.33 deaths per game. In IMT’s losses, Xerxe is averaging 2.26 deaths per game. I think CLG plays a chaotic style that will result in a Xerxe dying at least twice in the game. So I think that that 95 points we’re being offered for this is worth the choice. 

Best of luck in your contests this week!

It is great to have League of Legends back and I hope you guys are excited as well. Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store with Promo code “TED” or Play Store or by clicking this link:

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