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DFS Analysis – Thrive Fantasy Picks (March 20, Playoff Saturday)

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Hello Esports Department Subscribers! This year we have partnered with Thrive Fantasy to PropUp this season.

For those of you unfamiliar with what Thrive Fantasy is, it is a different version of Daily Fantasy Sports that is solely based around player props. Each prop has a designated point value to it and your goal is to score the most points by selecting five different props (players must play to count, so you cannot just select a non-starter and choose the under).

Available Props:

Recap of last week:

Last week we ended up 2-1. Niles delivered, dying 3 times, Impact SMASHED going 8-0-8 on Aatrox and Josedeodo let us down only getting 1 kill against the Golden Guardians.

This week there are only two best of five game series for NA and nothing for EU so I am going to do my best to write up 3 props for the single gamer for the TL vs. TSM match. Let’s get to it.

My Picks:

Alphari Over 12.5 Kills

I am unsure how this series is going to play out, TSM has beaten TL in both regular season games, yet TL is a -210 favorite in the series. I think there is a good chance we see at least 4 and maybe 5 games of this series. Over Team Liquid’s 32 games played he has averaged 3.66 kills per game and 4.3 in TL Wins. I am going to side with the odds on this one and assume that Team Liquid takes this series in 4 or 5 games. With that assumption made, the numbers tell me that Alphari will have more than 12.5 kills in this series, and we are being offered 110 points for this one.

SwordArt Over 7.5 Deaths

Operating under the same assumption from above, TL takes this series in 4-5 games, SwordArt is averaging 3.9 deaths in TSM elven losses this season. We are projecting SwordArt for 4 deaths in a loss and 2 deaths in a win. With that said, I think 7.5 deaths is too low for SwordArt. Give me the Over 7.5 deaths and the 95 points on this one.

Tactical Over 17.5 Kills + Deaths

In Team Liquid’s 32 games this season, Tactical is averaging 6.66 kills + deaths per game. Breaking this down to wins and losses he is averaging 6.48 in wins and 7.11 in losses. Our projections have him sitting around 6.2 kills + deaths in both wins and losses. If this series goes to 4 or 5 games, Tactical should exceed 17.5 Kills and Deaths and we should collect 95 points.

Best of luck in your contests this week!

It is great to have League of Legends back and I hope you guys are excited as well. Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store with Promo code “TED” or Play Store or by clicking this link:

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