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DFS Analysis – Thrive Fantasy Picks (March 12, LCS Week 6)

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Hello Esports Department Subscribers! This year we have partnered with Thrive Fantasy to PropUp this season.

For those of you unfamiliar with what Thrive Fantasy is, it is a different version of Daily Fantasy Sports that is solely based around player props. Each prop has a designated point value to it and your goal is to score the most points by selecting five different props (players must play to count, so you cannot just select a non-starter and choose the under).

Available Props:

Recap of last week:

We did it! Back to winning ways with a 3-0 week last week. Golden Guardians were only able to get 2 kills against Team Liquid so I felt good about my read on that game. The CLG/IMT game I definitely expected more kills/deaths, fortunately Turtle went off going 9-0-1 and Xerxe managed to pick up a second death towards the end of the game.

My Picks This Week:

Josedeodo Over 2.5 Kills

This week the first recommendation is going to be Josedeodo over 2.5 kills. This one initially struck me as a good pick just looking at it and after digging into the numbers, I like it just as much. Flyquest is a -230 favorite over the Golden Guardians, Josedeodo is averaging exactly 3 kills in Flyquest’s wins. Winning junglers in LCS are averaging over 3.5 kills/game. I think Josedeodo’s playstyle should result in him having at least 3 kills this week against the worst team in the league.

Niles Over 1.5 Deaths

If I was allowed to bet on this one, I would throw the house at it. In Niles 21 LCS games including the Lock-In tournament, guess how many times he has died fewer than 2 times? Spoiler, the answer is ZERO. This surprised me, I figured there would be at least one or two games. Niles is averaging 4.9 death per game, lets take our 95 points and move on to the final recommendation.

Impact Over 3.5 Kills + Deaths

My final recommendation is taking Impact over 3.5 Kills + Deaths against TSM. EG is a confusing team to me, they can go from looking elite to looking like a mess in the same weekend.  However, I think one of the most consistent players on EG is Impact. He’s averaging 3 kills/game and 3.33 deaths/game over EG’s 24 games so far this year. We are being offered 95 points for him to go combine for a total of 4 kills and deaths. Regardless of the outcome of this game, I think Impact comfortably gets there.

Honorable Mentions

I actually struggled on which should be my third recommendation this week – I settled on Impact because I think his is the MOST likely to happen but here are the other one I was debating on recommending.

Huni Over 6.5 Assists – Huni has been a team player this year, I personally think TSM wins this game and Huni is averaging 8 assists when TSM win so the 105 points seem like a good opportunity for extra points.

Best of luck in your contests this week!

It is great to have League of Legends back and I hope you guys are excited as well. Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store with Promo code “TED” or Play Store or by clicking this link:

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