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DFS Analysis – Thrive Fantasy Picks (LCS Lock-In Week 2)

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Hello Esports Department Subscribers! This year we have partnered with Thrive Fantasy to PropUp this season.

For those of you unfamiliar with what Thrive Fantasy is, it is a different version of Daily Fantasy Sports that is solely based around player props. Each prop has a designated point value to it and your goal is to score the most points by selecting five different props (players must play to count, so you cannot just select a non-starter and choose the under). The first article is going to be fore the LCS Lock-In Tournament.

Recap of last week:

Ooof, not the prediction I was hoping for in my first week – TSM got destroyed only producing one total kill. CoreJJ and Team Liquid came through for us with a solid performance against CLG. And lastly, C9 came out and got out played by EG in the mid game and could not finish any more kills. Blaber started out with 2 kills and 3 assists before 15 minutes and then produced nothing more the rest of the game. Starting out 1-2 was not what I hoped, but we’re on two the second week of the LCS Lock-In tourney.


My Picks:

Blaber Over 1.5 Kills

Back to the well this week, Cloud 9 started out their game against EG pretty even, and Blaber was involved in the early game. The current state of the jungle in league of legends favors junglers that are in positions to carry. Cloud 9 is a -650 favorite against Dignitas and looking back at last weeks games, the jungler on every single winning team had at least two kills. Blaber won’t let us down this week and his over 1.5 kills is the first prop to put into your build.

Aphromoo Over 4.5 Deaths

This pick is a bit riskier, but I always want to try to bring one “underdog” pick that will give a little boost for points. Dignitas is likely to lose against C9 and Aphromoo does not like to just roll over and die. He will continually try to make plays to get back into the game. Knowing that and just looking at Dignitas’ games from last week, in their two losses Dignitas gave up 25 kills, and Aphromoo was responsible for 6 deaths in each of the losses. As long as Cloud 9 doesn’t just stomp Dig in 24 minutes, I think taking the extra points is a fair risk on Aphromoo having over 4.5 deaths.

CoreJJ Under 2.5 Kills

My final recommendation is CoreJJ having under 2.5 kills. I was surprised by this number when I looked back at CoreJJ’s previous games. In his last 50 games, CoreJJ has only had three or more kills FIVE total times. While I think Team Liquid probably takes care of TSM, it appears that CoreJJ is very disciplined in not taking kills from his teammates. This prop offering 100 points for both the over and under seems like a good opportunity to get a good amount of points.

Best of luck in your contests this week!

It is great to have League of Legends back and I hope you guys are excited as well. Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store or Play Store with Promo code “TED” or by clicking this link:

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