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DFS Analysis – Thrive Fantasy Picks (February 19, LCS Week 3)

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Hello Esports Department Subscribers! This year we have partnered with Thrive Fantasy to PropUp this season.

For those of you unfamiliar with what Thrive Fantasy is, it is a different version of Daily Fantasy Sports that is solely based around player props. Each prop has a designated point value to it and your goal is to score the most points by selecting five different props (players must play to count, so you cannot just select a non-starter and choose the under).

Available Props:

Recap of last week:

Welcome back guys, we’re gonna keep the recap short, if I could put in an emoji, it would be a poop emoji for last week. TL and Jensen just smashed and Jensen had 12 assists. IMT got smashed by Dignitas and Insanity could not muster up two kills, and with that Aphromoo went deathless. Brutal week not much more to be said.

My Picks:

Closer over 2.5 Kills

The first selection for this week is Closer over 2.5 kills. In previous articles, I have said the jungle meta is focused on carry junglers. We are being offered 100 points for a jungler that is on a -425 favorite team. In the 17 games that Closer has played between the Lock-In and first weeks of LCS, he has averaged 3.76 kills. Of those 17 games, 100 Thieves have won 12 where he averaged 4.42 kills. 100T looking like one of the stronger teams in the league and I anticipate they will take care business with Immortals and Closer will have at least 3 kills.

Xerxe Over 1.5 Deaths

Piggy backing off the “I think that IMT gets beaten by 100T and Closer having 2.5+ kills”, we’re being offered 95 points for the junger of the expected losing team to have over 2 deaths. Surprisingly Xerxe has kept his average deaths in games down, I think that 100T will be able to kill him at least twice. He is currently averaging 2 deaths over 6 games (2.5 in IMT’s four losses). Over the 72 games played so far in LCS, losing junglers have average 3.21 deaths.

Neo Over 3.5 Kills + Deaths

Dignitas has looked good so far this season, and Neo has been a big part of that. Of the 10 games that Dignitas has played Neo has been a big contributing factor. He is averaging 4.1 kills per game and averaging 2.2 deaths per game (6.2 kills & .6 deaths in wins and 2 kills & 3.8 deaths in losses). We’re being offered 95 points for him going over 3.5 and it seems like a good choice from the numbers I am looking at for both a win and a loss for Dignitas.


Best of luck in your contests this week!

It is great to have League of Legends back and I hope you guys are excited as well. Download ThriveFantasy on the App Store with Promo code “TED” or Play Store or by clicking this link:

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