Day 2 went better than Day 1, at least for my single entry lineup. In multi-entry I had way too much Gade, and almost no Syrson. Nearly every one of my Tabsen lineups had Gade, which was definitely an oversite. Normally, when a player moves up a tier or two in play when joining a new team, I give them a 10-20% penalty in my model because of the increase in competition. I decided not to do that with Gade because I figured he had played against high level teams before. That was definitely a mistake and it was enough to really hurt my GPP lineups, as even though I had a ton of Tabsen, Gade was stuck to him like an anchor, and on top of that Gade wasn’t cheap so it led to me having a lot of S1mple OR Tabsen but not a lot of both.

1 Lineup – Entries: $20, Winnings: $47, New Bankroll: $107

Multi-Lineup – Entries: $20, Winnings: $4, New Bankroll: $69.50

I’ll put this in chart form once there are a few more data points.

On to Day 3


Day 3

After taking Saturday pretty much off, I had a friends 30th birthday party on Friday night, I’m back on Sunday for another day of the challenge. I’m hoping that I can improve on my results in GPP now that we’ve seen these teams all play a couple times.

1 Lineup – Current Bankroll: $107, Today’s Entries: $20

Contests: 2 $5 double ups (16 entrants each), 1 $5 Triple up (20 entrants), 1 $5 Single Entry GPP (59 entrants)

My Lineup:


As much as I’d love to fit S1mple captain in my cash/SE lineup, I didn’t like how much I had to sacrifice elsewhere to do it. This build let’s me get both S1mple and Ropz, and allows me to play the “safest” FNC players in Mezii and Brollan. Mezii also has strong upside so I’m fine with him at my captain spot. Boom and Perfecto are definitely punts, so I’ll certainly be rooting for a Navi sweep.

Multi-Lineup – Current Bankroll: $85.50, Today’s Entries: $20

Contest: 20 entries in $1 GPP (20 entry max, 891 total entries)

Here’s how I’m building on Sunday:

3 Stacks
Team % of Lineups (Number of lineups)
Navi 25% (5)
Faze 20% (4)
FNC 20% (4)
Mouz 20% (4)
Big 10% (2)
EG 5% (1)


2 Stacks
Team % of Lineups (Number of lineups)
Navi 20% (4)
Faze 10% (2)
FNC 20% (4)
Mouz 25% (5)
Big 10% (2)
EG 15% (3)

I mentioned it in my article and I’m playing them in my cash game lineup, but I’ll mention it again here: FNC are my favorite stack on Sunday. They’re relatively cheap, should have moderate ownership, and are barely worse than a coinflip (IMO they are a coinflip) to beat Faze. I like this new squad quite a bit. Other than FNC I think I’ll likely be pretty close to the field on most players/teams in terms of ownership, with the exception of S1mple. I only have 45% (9/20) lineups with S1mple. His ownership numbers have been so insane that when he puts up just an “OK” game and scores around 70 that could be a big edge if Ropz for example (whom I have in 60% of my lineups) scores 80.

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