Welcome to another day of my bankroll challenge. Day 10 wasn’t great, I lost exactly half my entry in both single entry and MME. Somehow I cashed one double up despite having both mantuu and ax1le in my lineup, both of whom completely no-showed. In MME I got killed by not playing Zywoo one off. He took such a large kill share that even though Vitality swept Gambit, Zywoo + 2 Gambit was optimal. Here are the updated graphs:

1 Lineup





Day 11


1 Lineup – Current Bankroll: $62, Today’s Entries: $20

Contests: 2 $5 double ups (16 entrants each), 1 $5 Triple up (20 entrants), 1 $5 Single Entry GPP (95 entrants)

My Lineup:

Last time I said this it backfired and didn’t cash, but I truly believe if this isn’t your cash lineup or very close to it today you’re doing something wrong in your process. S1mple is easily the top play, B1t’s price is broken, and Heroic’s players are also much too cheap. That lets you fit Electronic with relative ease. I could see a case for Perfecto and upgrading Sjuush maybe, but S1mple cpt, B1t, and refrezh should be 100% owned in cash.

Multi-Lineup – Current Bankroll: $49.5, Today’s Entries: $20

Contest: 20 entries in $1 GPP (20 entry max, 1486 total entries)

Here’s how I’m building on Thursday:

3 Stacks
Team % of Lineups (Number of lineups)
Navi 100% (20)
Heroic 100% (20)
Liquid 0
Ence 0

It’s very rare that you’ll see me go all in like this, but I have pretty strong convictions about both games. Navi are far superior to Ence, and I think the Heroic/Liquid line is way too close. For that reason I’m trying to maximize my upside if I’m right, and am all in on both teams. If I was in a true MME contest and not 20 max I’d definitely have some Liquid exposure, but with only 20 lineups I’m fine with going all in.

Good luck to everyone playing!

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