Welcome back. It’s been a few days since I posted an update for my bankroll challenge. As those of you who are in Discord likely saw, I was moving so I took a few days off. The last few days I’ve been playing my challenge but haven’t had time to write the post, hence skipping from Day 5 to Day 10. Anyways, let’s take a look at how things have been going.

1 Lineup

My Single Lineup results have been a bit up and down. Everything was going fine until 2 straight days of whiffing on 2 game slates sent me flying downwards. I’ve always been fairly vocal about my disdain for 2 game slates, and while I don’t typically let it impact my approach, it’s definitely frustrating. Especially on slates like Wednesday when Fallen is super high owned for no reason but price and goes off for his best score in many months. But I digress. I’m not too worried about the results here yet as a day or two of winning and I’ll be right back into the positives.



This is a pretty standard graph for MME style of play, nothing about it really surprises me. It’s why it’s important to play within your bankroll if you MME (I’m probably actually overextending a bit for this challenge). The big jump you see there is a 2nd place finish in the $1, only finishing behind TESD discord’s own Shoemakerr, who’s been tearing it up in the $1 lately. That was his 2nd straight win and then he also has a 2nd place this week, nice work Shoe. Ideally I’ll hit on a winner (and/or actually get 1st place) slightly more often going forward, but again I’m not super surprised by these results so far.

Day 10


1 Lineup – Current Bankroll: $72, Today’s Entries: $20

Contests: 2 $5 double ups (16 entrants each), 1 $5 Triple up (20 entrants), 1 $5 Single Entry GPP (95 entrants)

My Lineup:

I mentioned in my article that I’m heavily on OG today, so I went with a 3 stack of them in my cash/SE lineup. I don’t want to pass up on Zywoo in cash even against Gambit, but I’m also not comfortable stacking Vitality as 35% implied odds underdogs. I think this is a fairly straightforward cash lineup.

Multi-Lineup – Current Bankroll: $59.5, Today’s Entries: $20

Contest: 20 entries in $1 GPP (20 entry max, 1486 total entries)

Here’s how I’m building on Thursday:

3 Stacks
Team % of Lineups (Number of lineups)
Gambit 70% (14)
OG 70% (14)
Vitality 30% (6)
NiP 30% (6)

As you can tell, I’m running all 3/3 today. I expect 3/2/1 to be more popular than usually with Zywoo one off, so I’m trying to zig while everyone else zags. I’m hoping for a sweep, really in either direction as I imagine 30% will be over the field on non-Zywoo Vitality, in the Gambit/Vitality series. Gambit winning in 3 maps is probably my worst case scenario unless the 2 maps they win are complete blowouts. Hopefully the switch to 3/3 can turn my luck around on these 2 gamers.

Good luck to everyone playing!

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