Welcome! With the consistently bad payout structures in the “big” GPP, I’ve decided it’s a good time to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Which is a bankroll challenge. Well really 2 bankroll challenges in one. Over the course of CSGO, we’ve talked about the merits of playing cash vs GPP and one lineup vs multi-entry. What I’m going to start with 2 separate $100 bankrolls. With one of them I’m going to play GPP only, and run a bunch of different lineups per day. With the other I’m going to run 1 lineup and play mostly cash and multipliers with a little GPP (focused on single entry GPPs) mixed in.

I chose a $100 bankroll as a starting point because I’m hoping that will be relatable to a larger percentage of the community. My goal for the challenge is to raise each bankroll to $1,000, plus of course investigating the 1 lineup vs multiple lineups conversation specific to CSGO.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Day 1.


Day 1

Normally I’ll start with a recap of the previous day’s results, but obviously I can’t do that today. Then I’ll show what I’m running for each day and what contests I’m playing for each challenge.

1 Lineup – Current Bankroll: $100, Today’s Entries: $20

Contests: 2 $5 double ups (16 entrants each), 1 $5 Triple up (20 entrants), 1 $5 Single Entry GPP (35 entrants)

My Lineup:

This is what my model has as the optimal lineup for today’s slate. Jerry is too cheap and Kensi is also relatively cheap considering Forze are the biggest favorites. The OG 3 stack makes sense as they’ve been dominant so far this tournament, and FlameZ mid-range price fits nicely at captain, and then Niko closes out the lineup. He’s been outstanding even though G2 have looked horrible.

Multi-Lineup – Current Bankroll: $100, Today’s Entries: $20

Contest: 20 entries in $1 GPP (20 entry max, 1387/1486 total entries)


Instead of posting every lineup in this section, I’ll be posting my team exposures and maybe highlighting a couple key plays. I build all 3/2/1 lineups on 3 game slates, so every lineup has a 3 stack and a 2 stack. Here are my stack exposures for Day 1 (8/26):

3 Stacks
Team % of Lineups (Number of lineups)
Forze 20% (4)
Complexity 20% (4)
OG 20% (4)
VP 15% (3)
G2 15% (3)
Sinners 10% (2)


2 Stacks
Team % of Lineups (Number of lineups)
Forze 25% (5)
Complexity 10% (2)
OG 20% (4)
VP 15% (3)
G2 20% (4)
Sinners 10% (2)

As you can see, it’s a pretty even distribution on this slate. My expectation (writing this before lock) is that I’ll be over the field on Complexity, VP, and Forze, while under on OG and G2 and probably about at the field on Sinners. This will be a pretty common theme as I firmly believe underdogs almost never have enough ownership in CSGO DFS.

Check back in tomorrow for results from Day 1 and a look at my approach on Day 2!

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