It’s day 2 of the playoffs at ESL Pro League on Wednesday, and we’ve got another 2 game slate. Lock is at 10:00 am EDT again and the games are:

Forze (53% implied win probability) vs Ence

Liquid (65%) vs Fnatic

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Allu, JW, and Golden are in the pool. Don’t play any of them.

Slate Analysis

I don’t think either of these lines are great. This is typically where I get myself in trouble, but I think Fnatic is a coinflip vs Liquid and Ence should be slight favorites against Forze. Needless to say I’ll be heavy on Fnatic and Forze on this slate.

Spinx should have super low ownership as he’s the most expensive player in the game, I like him a lot for GPP’s. Hades, Doto, and Dycha are also solid plays from Ence.

Fnatic are pretty cheap so I’m looking for their best players. Right now that’s definitely mezii and Brollan, the third could be any of the 3 remaining players. I’d mostly mix between Jackinho and Krimz, but Alex is worth a couple shots in GPP’s too.

Now, if you do want to play the Vegas favorites, Jerry looks a bit underpriced for Forze. Liquid are pretty much priced appropriately, so just fit whoever you can. Elige has been great this tournament as has Naf at times. I expect Grim to have very low ownership as people will likely skip over him to save money. I like Grim a lot in GPP’s.

Top Captains

Mezii is my favorite captain on the slate. He has great upside and I’ve already covered how much I like Fnatic in general. Brollan is also a solid captain play for Fnatic.

I don’t love Ence captain even though I like them, because they have 4 guys who are legit threats to top frag. Hades would probably be my top choice, then Spinx behind him. Doto is an OK option if you want to stack them with Liquid and save some money.

From Liquid I’d like to pay up for Elige or Naf if possible, but they’re definitely expensive. Grim has shown off some explosiveness this tournament, he’s a decent captain.

Forze is pretty straightforward, I want Fl1t or Zorte in my captain slot. I imagine using Jerry to fit Liquid will be somewhat popular, I’ll be staying away from that in GPP’s myself.

That’s it for me, good luck on Wednesday!


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