Sunday is the last day of Group D and the final day of the group stage as a whole. Lock is at 2:00 pm EST as the games are being played simultaneously. Those games are:

Gambit (74% implied win probability) vs NiP

Liquid (80%) vs Furia

Entropiq (84%) vs TeamOne

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Player pool is correct

Slate Analysis

I won’t lie to you guys, I’m glad this group is almost over. There are very few matchups that are close per Vegas. On this slate, Gambit are underpriced, Sh1ro and Hobbit specifically, I’d expect them to be very popular. Now, I will say that Gambit have already locked up 1st place while NiP need a win and some help to advance, so there is the ever so slight chance that Gambit play a bit too fast and loose, but they’re still a much better team and I’m sure would love to knock NiP out.

Furia have looked surprisingly good the last couple days, as Guerra has been an at least passable 5th player, and the big guns have been on fire. If they win here they actually advance to the playoffs. I believe Liquid are locked into the playoffs on the other side, but again I highly doubt that will have a big impact on how they play today. I do think Furia are a bit underpriced, particularly Kscerato and Yuurih. I don’t mind a couple Furia stacks in GPP’s today.

Finally, Entropiq should be giving 100% as I believe they could actually end up in a 3-way tiebreaker for the last playoff spot despite being only 1-3 so far. TeamOne will be trying to use the experience to grow as a team, and they’ve actually looked competitive for stretches of the group. They have scored double digits in 6/8 maps, forced OT twice and scored 14 a couple of times. I again don’t mind a TeamOne stack. malbsMD is #good and can be paired with someone cheap like Maluk3 or pesadelo. Expect Lack1 to be popular on the other side as he’s very cheap and Entropiq are still heavy favorites.


Top Captains

I expect Sh1ro and Hobbit to be very high owned, as they should be with how cheap they are. Naf, Elige, and El1an could go a bit under-owned because of the Gambit guys being underpriced, as could Ax1le.

If you’re running Furia or TeamOne stacks, Kscerato, Yuurih, and MalbsMD are all strong captain options. I wouldn’t run them as one-offs in the captain spot though.

Pricing is loose enough that I don’t think you need to go with super cheap captain today.

That’s it for me, good luck!

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