Group B of Blast Premier rolls on Tuesday, with another 2 game slate that locks at 10:30 am EDT. The games are:

Nip (52%) vs G2

Big (90%) vs MiBR

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Same situation as Monday, here’s the blurb from Monday’s post:

Unfortunately, this is going to be another group marred by standins. MiBR, who would’ve been the underdogs of the group anyways, are having to play with not one but two standins. Boltz unfortunately tested positive for Covid so he obviously didn’t travel, and Chelo was in a car accident and wasn’t able to get cleared to travel. Obviously don’t play either of them.

The good news in their substitutes are in the player pool. Nak is part of the coaching staff, and played professionally in Brazil until the end of 2020, and brnz4n is on their academy squad.

Slate Analysis

It’s Big’s turn to play the double-standin MiBR squad on Tuesday, and boy are they expensive. I expect it will be K1to who slots into the “overlooked because of price” spot that we highlighted Amanek was in on Monday. Amanek of course exploded and was crucial to have on your squad. Of course there’s no guarantee K1to will do the same, but if he comes at 1/2 or less the rostership of Tabsen/Syrson and less than Gade I like him a lot in GPPs.

MiBR did show a fairly impressive amount of fight given the circumstances, and given pricing, I don’t hate a one off of them on Tuesday. Shz is my favorite, with Yel the other option I’d consider.

Part of the reason I like the one off, is because I want to stack NiP. With how cheap Niko and Hunter are, I think the NiP 3 stack is going to be very underutilized on this slate. I’d expect most people to at least play Niko if not both Hunter and Niko. Even though they beat MiBR in 2 maps, it wasn’t exactly the most convincing performance from G2, and this is of course coming on the heels of going winless in a group they were arguably the favorites of in ESL Pro League. All of that is to say, I think there’s a moderate chance NiP blow G2’s doors off, and I want to make sure I have some NiP 3 stacks. In those stacks, Rez is likely to go underowned as once again people will prioritize getting the studs who have a 90% win probability (Big). If you can somehow fit Rez/Device/Hampus there will likely be very few lineups with that combination (although I wouldn’t 2 stack MiBR to do it).

I once again don’t mind going 4-2 in terms of the games. Hunter + Niko + 2 NiP + 2 Big could work in GPP’s.

Top Captains

Given that I want to go heavy on NiP and Big, it’s going to be mid/low priced captain for me this slate. Gade, Plopski, and Hampus are my favorite options. I think this is as good of a slate as any to go cheaper at captain because both the favorites have very evenly spread kill shares and no one (or 2) stud(s). Of course, if you’re stacking G2, Niko will be popular. I like Hunter as a slightly lower rostered pivot.

Good luck on Tuesday!


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