ESL is team #nodaysoff this week apparently as they have games going right through the usual Monday break. This is good news for us as we get another 3 game slate. Group C has been really unpredictable outside of EG, so it should be another fun slate of games. Lock is at 7:30 am EDT again, and the games are:

Mousesports (55% implied win probability) vs Fnatic

Navi (81%) vs EG

Big (50%) vs Faze

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Player Pool looks correct.

Slate Analysis

Again I think we have another slate with pretty sharp pricing. No one really stands out as being underpriced by too much nor is anyone really super overpriced. This can make it hard to find a big edge. I do think that Brollan is a little too cheap, but I also think Fnatic ownership is going to keep rising with how good they’ve been. I’m probably going to end up near the field on them instead of over it like I have been lately.

I am going to be pretty much all in on S1mple this slate. While I do think there’s a slight chance he sits back while his teammates dominate EG, I think the overwhelming more likely scenario is that he has a huge game. Navi as a whole will likely come out sharp after laying an egg against Big on Sunday. With 4 teams tied at 2-1, Navi need to win this to make sure they advance, so I’m expecting full focus and intensity from them. I also like Perfecto quite a bit as he’s arguably been the most consistent player outside of S1mple for Navi so far this event.

I’m going to have basically an even split from the Faze/Big game. Neither team should see overwhelming ownership, making each fine for GPPs. Players like Rain and K1to, who have looked good so far this event, should have particularly low ownership.

Top Captains

S1mple remains head and shoulders above everyone else. If you can fit him, play him. Ropz is again the only other player on the slate who can reach anywhere close to S1mple’s ceiling with any regularity, so he’s my favorite high end pivot in GPPs.

With pricing still relatively tight, I also don’t mind going mid-range at captain. There are some good players in the mid-range on this slate. I like Brollan, Broky,  Frozen, and Perfecto best at the captain slot of the mid-range options.

I’m likely not going to go super cheap at captain at all on this slate, I don’t think we need the salary savings that much to give up the upside.

Good luck on Monday!

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