Finally some new teams! Group B of ESL Pro League starts on Saturday, so we have our first of many slates with these teams. Lock is still at 7:30 am EDT and the games are:

G2 (78% implied win probability) vs Sinners

VP (50.5%) vs OG

Complexity (51%) vs Forze

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Col has made one roster change, Rush is out and es3tag is in. That change is permanent. However, K0nfig just broke his wrist so he’s out for a few weeks/months. Natosaphix, who previously stood in for Col after oBo left the team, will stand in for them again. Other than that there are no roster changes, but NBK is still listed on OG for some reason, don’t play him.

Slate Analysis

We saw Natosaphix play for Col in 2020 when oBo left, and to say it didn’t go well is a bit of an understatement. I’m expecting largely the same result here, as the team is incorporating 2 new players, one who has only had (at most) a couple days of practice. I think Forze should be moderately sized favorites here. I’ll be heavy on them, with Fl1t, Zorte, and Kensi being my favorite plays. Kensi may be the “bottom fragger” but he has solid overall numbers and is much to cheap at only $4.4k. Col only has 4 players in the player pool, and I’d expect them to get decent ownership given that they’re still technically the favorites and people love playing BlameF.

G2 look priced about right as huge favorites, I’m primarily interested in Niko and Hunter. I suppose you can play Amanek and Nexa but they’re too expensive from my liking. I won’t be playing anyone on Sinners.

Flip a coin for the VP/OG game. OG do look a little underpriced, Flamez in particular, which might tilt ownership towards them. If you’re playing several lineups I’d recommend roughly equal exposure to both sides.


Top Captains

Zorte is my favorite captain on the slate. He has a good mix of upside and price, and should also be low owned. I also like Fl1t who shouldn’t have too outrageous of ownership. Other than that I’ll mostly be looking to the studs at captain, as I think there’s enough value to fit them. That list is:







I also don’t hate value captain. Kensi really opens things up for the rest of your lineup, as do AleksiB and Niko from OG.

Good luck on Saturday!

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