Welcome back to another edition of my CS:GO column. I’ll have to come up with a creative name for it at some point.

Yesterday went pretty well, as Curry ended up outscoring Grim and everyone else to be the optimal captain on the night. Xeppa also underperformed again so if you faded him in your Chaos stacks you were looking good. Esports Department member 089Droc combined the Curry captain with a Xeppa fade and managed to take down the $30k Clutch (and only tied with 1 other lineup in doing so). Congrats man, sick lineup!

Today’s writeup will be short and simple. We have a 2 game Bo1 slate, which frankly is pretty gross. The best advice I can give you for today is to limit your play. I’m personally playing about 1/3 of what I normally play. Bo1s introduce a whole new level of randomness, as a couple of stellar rounds can make or break a fantasy day. Top guys are projected for ~20 today, and a 4k round is worth at least 8 points all by itself (and that’s assuming the player dies, doesn’t get the 1st kill, and doesn’t have any sort of 1vX clutch).

Similar to last night, I suggest captaining the 2nd or 3rd fraggers on these teams, as you’ll be able to get better ownership on them and help yourself stand apart from the field. If you use a lineup optimizer I’d set the randomness a few points higher than usually, to account for the Bo1s.

These Bo1s should have overtime if necessary, unlike the last time we saw a DK slate of Bo1s. This makes a game stack slightly viable. If one of these games goes to OT or Double OT, I could see 4 players from that game being in the top 6 scoring wise. I would only do this for <10% of lineups though, as it’s not very likely to hit. Plus, a lot of people already play 4 players from one game already so it’s not like you’ll be the only one doing it.

**Update** AGF is currently playing in Nine to Five without Netrick, Daffu is playing instead. It appears they have been playing like this for the last few days at least. I’d get Netrick out of your lineups to be safe.

Good luck out there today!

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