Good afternoon and welcome to the second edition of my CS:GO article! Tonight we have a 2 game slate from the Mythic Tournament. Before we get to that let’s see what we learned from yesterday.

Yesterday was a bit hit and miss. A 2 man TeamOne stack in flex spots was in the winning lineup (Congrats to Pat on the win btw) with only Leaf from Chaos, so that went right. However, both Grim and Dumau, my two favorite captains, had massive letdown games. Grim could never really get it going while Dumau had a fine K/D, he just took a back seat to really all of his teammates as YeaH! rolled to a 2-0 victory needing only 44 total rounds. Xeppa was also underwhelming for Chaos, so the 3 most popular captains all essentially failed (for their standards) on the evening.

That actually leads in to a point about tonight. Both matchups are extremely lopsided according to Vegas, which means Chaos and Triumph are going to be chalk once again. Of course you can play the underdogs, but even then unless you go dog/dog a 3/3 lineup with the best players from both teams will be very popular. As last night illustrated, however, the best players don’t always have the best game. A good way to get unique in your lineups on 2 game slates is to play the 4th or even 5th fragger (depending on the team, some teams have 5th fraggers who you never want to play). Additionally, captaining the 2nd or 3rd best player will also help you be unique, especially when a team has a clear cut top fragger (aka Grim tonight). A Junior or Curry cpt lineup will put you in a position to pass a huge portion of the field if Grim is not the top player for Triumph.

I’ll definitely have some underdogs this evening, I prefer YeaH! to TeamOne (I’m going back to the Dumau well). I also plan on running some 3/2/1 lineups. Particularly lineups where Grim and Dumau are the 1. Even in a loss there is a good chance for them to score more points than the 3rd fragger on the opposing team. 3/2/1 lineups are much harder to nail the right combination than a 3/3, but you are much more likely to have a solo win if you nail the right lineup. Also note that I never play more than 3 from one game, so the 3/2/1 is always a 3 from one game and a 2/1 from the other. If you plan on running 3/2/1’s I would not recommend forcing in 4th or 5th fraggers like I would in 3/3’s. You are already going to be unique with the 3/2/1, and if you expand your player pool it becomes even less likely that you hit the perfect lineup.

That’ll do it for me today, good luck tonight!

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