As my move into the CIS RMR playoffs, we’re unfortunately back down to 2 game slates on Draftkings. Friday’s slate locks at 10 am EDT, and the games are:

Gambit (89% implied win probability) vs k23

Navi (60%) vs Spirit

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Flamie is in the player pool, don’t play him. Everything else looks good.

Slate Analysis

Short and sweet for this slate. The chalk is going to be Gambit + S1mple + whoever you can fit, which is likely 2 Spirit players. Hobbit will go slightly overlooked, like he always does when he’s priced between Sh1ro and Ax1le, and Navi 3 stacks will be massively underowned considering they’re favorites. I like the Navi 3 stack + 2 Gambit + 1 k23 quite a bit in GPPs. If you MME it’s worth spending a couple lineups to stack k23. Even though they only have an implied 11% chance to win, they’ll likely have far less than that in stack ownership. The stack won’t hit often, but when it does you’re in great shape to take down a GPP.

Top Captains

Pricing is tight, I think many people are going to go to midrange captains. Hobbit should have almost no ownership, he’s a nice pivot off S1mple and Sh1ro up top. I expect mir and degster to get a good amount of captain ownership, and maybe even nafany and interz. B1t has been on fire lately and will probably have some ownership too. All of them are fine options, I also like electronic. He’s not been all that great DFS-wise recently, but the upside is still there and if he does hit his ceiling you’ll be one of the few people with him at captain.

That’s it for me, good luck on Friday!

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