DK continues to swap between Spring Sweet Spring and GWB, as we are back to GWB on Thursday. It’s a 2 game slate and the games are:

Big (51% implied win probability) vs Faze

Furia (63%) vs Dignitas

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Junior has been benched/benched himself(?) for Furia. It will be Honda playing on Thursday. Don’t play Junior. Coldzera is also benched for Faze, don’t play him either.

Slate Analysis

This article is as much of a PSA as anything today. This is a charity tournament, and these teams have played a ton of high pressure CS over the past year plus. They’re here to have fun. Sure, they want to win, but most of the teams are going to treat this more like a pub than a Major final. This drastically increases variance, aka randomness, on these slates. Big/Faze is already a coinflip, but Furia/Dignitas might as well be too. The “edge” on this slate is playing more underdogs and bottom fraggers in the hopes that they are the ones who go off.

I will say I think Olof is mispriced. He’s not the worst DFS player on Faze (Karrigan holds that honor). K1to and tizian should also be swapped. Pricing does somewhat matter especially if you want to play Furia.

If there was going to be one player taking this super seriously it would be Honda, so I don’t mind taking a few shots on him for that reason. He’s barely played in the T1 scene and will of course wanting to hold on to the roster spot. Also, Junior being benched means arT should be primary AWP. He should see a big boost in his stats (which are very bad of late) in that case. He’ll likely be underowned.

Top Captains

Honestly throw a dart. Anyone on Furia, 4 guys on Dig, the top 3 on Big, and Broky/Twistzz(/Olof?) could all end as the top scorer on the slate. Embrace the chaos of this tournament and try to stay away from chalk…which I guess will be Kscerato? Honestly I don’t think there will be any mega chalk, all those guys are in play.

Good luck on Thursday!

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