Quick hitter tonight as I’m running late after spending too much time doing Dota research. 4 game Swing Sweet Spring slate on Wednesday. Lock is at 9:00 am EDT and the games are:

Extremum (74% implied win probability) vs Sharks

Lyngsby Vikings (60%) vs Iberian Family

Fiend (72%) vs Endpoint

Copenhagen Flames (60%) vs Anonymo

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Don’t play Luken, he hasn’t played for Sharks in quite some time.

Slate Analysis

Remember that underdogs are always underowned in CSGO, and particularly so on T3 slates. A few of the players I like on this slate are:







Most of those guys are fairly obvious (except Deathzz), but that’s likely to be my core.

There’s a major site that way overprojects Zyphon every slate Copehagen Flames is on, we can take advantage of that by simply not playing him much. Of course, the first time it happened he went bonkers, but it’s unlikely that that keeps on happening. I’ve checked my numbers several times, Zyphon is clearly behind both Roej and Nicodooz for the Flames.

J3nsyy is also way overprojected by that same site. Same goes with fading him, there’s a big edge to be had. He also puts up mediocre numbers for LV.

As for team stacks, I think Anonymo and Endpoint in particular are going to come in underowned, I like both of them.

Top Captains

I’m looking for the top players on the slate in terms of raw points in my captain slot. Sunpayus is my favorite play, but I’ll have plenty of Roej, dream3r, h4rn, jkaem, and mezzi as well.  The top fragger or two from all the other teams are also in play. Good luck on Wednesday!

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