Friday brings us another 2 game slate from Blast Premier. At least today there are actually only two games and DK isn’t cutting off the first ones. Lock is at 9:30 am EDT again, and the games are:

G2 (55% implied win probability) vs Complexity

NiP (51%) vs Big

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Nawwk and KennyS are in the player pool, don’t play them.

Slate Analysis

It’s only been two games, but I think it’s safe to say we’re on another K0nfig hot streak. I’d argue he’s the streakiest player in the world, and when he’s on Col look great. On Thursday they just happened to run into the best team in the world so they still lost, but they were competitive on both maps and easily could’ve won if not for a couple bad round losses on each map. I like them a lot in this spot.

These games are both basically coinflips, yet we’ll likely see the “favorite” in each come with significantly more ownership. For that reason I’ll be primarily on the underdogs, including stacking the underdogs together.

It seems like people have caught on to not playing LNZ, but to be clear he is the worst DFS player on the team, despite being priced above Plopski. His FP/r have been terrible since getting the call up to the big leagues of the NiP main squad.

Also, don’t overlook JKS for Col. He continues to play really well and I think is the best 3rd piece in a Col stack over Poizon.

If you play multiple lineups, keep in mind that K1to sometimes has huge games for Big and is worth getting some exposure to on this two game slate.

NiP Device is also not nearly the DFS player Astralis Device was, I even don’t mind playing a NiP stack without him to differentiate. They can definitely win on the back of Rez/Hampus/Plopski while Device has a mediocre DFS day. It’s unlikely but it’s also how you solo (or close to it) win a GPP.

For G2, Amanek is good for DFS now when they win. Don’t just skip over him for the cost savings in you G2 stacks, he’s worth finding the money to play, at least in some of your lineups.

Top Captains

To their credit, DK has quickly adjusted K0nfig’s price up after two straight big performances. He’s now above BlameF which should help keep his captain ownership down as people go for the savings of Blame. I like Blame but K0nfig is my top captain on the slate. I also don’t mind jks if you need extra savings, as he has been playing really well. I’m not sure pricing is tight enough to warrant that though.

Niko and Hunter are both fine plays on the other side of that matchup, but will likely carry high ownership as they are the “bigger” favorites G2 has a fairly concentrated kill share (mostly because Jackz barely gets any).

NiP are a brutal team to captain from given how spread out their fantasy points are, but Device, Rez, and Hampus all have the potential to put up the top score on the slate if things break right for them. They would be the team I have the lowest captain exposure to in MME though.

On the Big side, I like Xantares and Syrson. They have the best upside to outscore captains from the other game.

Overall I like either side of the G2/Col game better for captain than the NiP/Big game though.

That’s it for me, good luck on Friday!

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