We have another 2 game slate on Saturday as Dreamhack heads towards it’s conclusion. Lock is again at 10:45 am EST and the games are:

Gambit (67% implied win probability) vs G2

Heroic (57%) vs Navi

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Rosters are back to being correct after the random addition of everyone yesterday. B1t is playing so ignore his “Q” tag. No sub risk for any of these teams.

Slate Analysis

I feel like the “optimal” build on this slate is fairly obvious. You take the Gambit big 3 + S1mple + 2 cheap Heroic. It fits pretty easily and it’s definitely the build I would use for cash. This is going to lead to some interesting ownership. I’d expect Cadian and Teses to go underowned, and Stavn, Refrezh, and Sjuush to have high ownership. Electronic will also likely fly under the radar a bit.

That said, being unique isn’t as simple as “Well I’ll just play G2 then I can fit Teses and Cadian with S1mple”, because everyone who plays G2 will be thinking the same thing. Keep in mind how flat Heroic’s scoring typically is. Maybe go G2 with 1 or 2 of the cheap Heroic guys and leave a couple thousand dollars on the table.

On the flip side, run a 2-1 with a G2 1 off (or run Interz) to fit the expensive Heroic players with Gambit. Or stack Navi with G2. That will definitely be the lowest owned combination on the day.

Top Captains

The good news is that captain on this slate should be fairly spread out in terms of ownership. Sh1ro, Axile, and S1mple will all likely see strong ownership. All of them have big upside. So do Hobbit and Cadian though, and they’ll likely be underowned at captain. I like both of them as pivots off the chalk.

Niko and Hunter are both decent captains, but again even though their overall ownership will be fairly low, the lineup constructions using them will likely be similar, so try to switch things up around them in GPPs.

Lastly, Electronic is worth a look, as he played well Friday and will likely have next to 0 ownership. Teses might have a little bit more, but is still worth a shot, especially given how good he’s looked recently.

That’s really it for me at captain, as pricing is loose enough that I don’t feel the need to go value at captain, and there’s no one else I feel like has a good enough shot to put up the top score on the slate for it to be worth it for me to captain them.

Good luck on Saturday!



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