We’re back to a 2 game slate on Friday, as Flashpoint continues. Lock is at noon EDT and the games are:

Vitality (61% implied win probability) vs DBL Poney

G2 (55%) vs NiP

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

We have some extra players in the pool again. Nawwk, KennyS, RpK, and Nivera are all in the pool, don’t play them. No sub risk.

Slate Analysis

It’s only a 2 game slate, so nothing is going to be that sneaky. There’s a lot of DFS studs considering it’s only 2 games, and I’m going to try to fit as many as I can into my lineups. That means I’m going to need to save. My favorite discount plays are NBK and Djoko. I don’t expect a repeat of last time out where DBL Poney easily beat Vitality, but I do still think those two are too cheap. All 5 players on DBL Poney have relatively similar FP/r, so even though he’s the “bottom fragger” NBK isn’t a bad play for DFS.

I’ll even run some NBK lineups and then run Device and Niko/Hunter in the same lineups. I expect that matchup to be close, likely going all 3 maps, and I expect those 3, or maybe Rez included, to be the top 3 players in the game. If I can fit all of them + Zywoo I’m going to do so.

Top Captains

Even though there are a bunch of fantasy studs playing, Zywoo still stands out from the crowd. The only concern is ownership. Niko and Device can both match his upside even when he’s on, they are just less likely to reach the insane ceiling that he seems to reach regularly.

Rez is an interesting option in the mid-range, he offers some savings and maybe lets you fit one more stud into your lineup.

I probably won’t go all the way down to NBK or Djoko, but I can see the appeal. Doing so allows you to fit all the other studs into your lineup. Of course, you’re then even more reliant on whichever one of them you pick having a good game.

That’s it for me, good luck on Friday!


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