Flashpoint is back on Tuesday with a nice 4 game slate. Lock is still at noon EDT, Flashpoint must really want to make sure the NA/SA audience is awake to watch. Anyways, the games are:

Heroic (66% implied win probability) vs Vitality

Complexity (57%) vs FPX

Anonymo (51%) vs Sprout

Big (59%) vs DBL Poney

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Nivera and RpK are in the pool, don’t play them. None of these teams sub although Sprout technically has a 6th man on the roster.

Slate Analysis

Finally a 4 game slate, and it should be a good one, as all 4 matchups are at least relatively close per the odds. I never thought I’d see a 4 game slate where Vitality are the biggest underdogs, but it I do think it’s deserved. What’s probably not deserved, is Zywoo being under $8k. Even with Vitality struggling, he’s still putting up insane numbers, and I expect that to continue in this series, win or lose. The lone exception is if Vitality get crushed and he’s stuck on light buys half the time, which could definitely happen. I expect a lot of ownership here. This could lead to Heroic being underowned.

I wanted to point that out, but I’m otherwise going to switch things up a little bit here and give my favorite value plays and favorite stack(s). My top overall plays are basically the captain section.

Top Value Plays

Zywoo ($7.8k) – Listing him again to make it clear how egregiously low his price is.

Refrezh ($6k) – Perennially way too cheap, might see his ownership actually stay in check because of Zywoo.

Zehn ($5.8k) – Looking like his 2020 self lately, where he was FPX (Godsent at the time) best DFS player. FPX also 2nd best chance to win out of the underdogs

Sjuush ($6.8k) – Too cheap, also could see ownership depressed because of Zywoo

NBK ($4k) – Basically free, should be almost unowned, scores comparably to more expensive teammates.

Top Stacks

FPX – Col is a DFS darling, but they haven’t been very good lately. FPX definitely has upset potential here.

Both sides of Sprout/Anonymo – Given that this game is a coinflip, it’s likely to go overlooked as a whole. There are some good plays on both sides, just have to guess right. Worth a look in GPPs.

Top Captains

Zywoo – See above.

faveN – Should have moderate/low ownership, has huge upside.

Zehn – Save money with top score on the slate upside, can jam studs elsewhere in lineup.

Xantares – Should be low owned (at captain), has been playing really well lately

BlameF – Always potential for a huge game

Good luck on Tuesday!


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