More Flashpoint on Saturday, yet another 2 game slate. Lock is at 12 pm EDT again and the games are:

Big (61% implied win probability) vs Sprout

Anonymo (51%) vs DBL Poney

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Player pool is correct, none of these teams sub even though Sprout technically have a 6th man on their roster.

Slate Analysis

Pricing is super soft on this slate. Especially since Big are actually cheaper than Sprout (by a little bit). You can basically play whoever you want. This means Sprout are going to go under-owned. Sprout always plays Big close in the battle for Germany. I like them a lot in GPP’s. Faven and Slaxz- are the two that I’d lock in, but you can really play anyone as the 3rd. That’s going to be how to be different on this slate, leave some money on the table for a 3rd.

On the Big side, they have a very clear top 3 of Xantares, Syrson, and Tabsen. Occasionally K1to can step up and be top 3 in a win, so he’s worth a look in GPP’s.

DBL Poney are interesting because they are super balanced. Everyone is within .04 kills per round of each other over the past 3 months. Anyone can be the top fragger any day. Again, don’t be afraid to leave some money on the table to play NBK or Djoko.

Anonymo is similar, they have 4 fraggers (excluding Mynio) that can top frag any given day. Again, leave some money on the table to be unique.

Top Captains

There aren’t really any fantasy superstars on this slate. Xantares and Syrson will likely have the highest ownership, I’d likely go under the field here. Faven on the other side will likely be Sprout’s highest owned player, but shouldn’t have crazy ownership overall. I’d look to Slaxz- as a pivot off of Faven.

In the other game, you can pretty much use anyone. Kei and Lucky are technically the top fraggers, but go nuts, everyone is in play (except Mynio).

Good luck Saturday!


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