We have more Flashpoint on Tuesday. It’s another 2 game slate, with lock at Noon EDT. The games are:

Complexity (51% implied win probability) vs Big

Mouz (62%) vs Fnatic

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

None of these teams sub. Rosters are correct on DK except for ChrisJ. Even though he hasn’t played for Mouz in many months at this point he’s technically still on the roster so for whatever reason he’s on this slate. Don’t play him.

Slate Analysis

This is the 2nd time Complexity’s pricing has been broken recently. Both times, K0nfig has been priced like a bottom fragger while Rush has been priced like a top fragger. K0nfig is definitely a free square in cash or single entry.

In GPP’s, keep in mind that K0nfig’s price will drive ownership as a whole to Col, more than they should have given they’re basically in a coinflip. Big has also seemed to have Col’s number lately, they’re a perfect 4-0 in maps so far this year. Granted the 2 most recent were in OT. Also, Konfig is an incredibly streaky player, and he’s been cold most recently.

In the other series, Mouz have been looking better recently, while Fnatic are still floundering despite the move of Jackinho to AWP and JW to rifle seemingly having helped them just from watching them in game. Brollan and Krimz have both been struggling lately, which has definitely hurt Fnatic a lot. Still, with how cheap K0nfig is most people will be able to fit Mouz, which means they’ll definitely be way higher owned. I like Fnatic a lot in GPPs for that reason. Jackinho and JW are both (slightly) better than their 3 month stats show, as the switch in AWPer hasn’t fully been incorporated into stats, and of course there’s also been an adjustment period in the server.

If you do go Mouz, Dexter is a player to keep an eye on. He’s been playing a lot better lately, and should have very low ownership as again everyone will be playing K0nfig for salary savings.

Top Captains

The top plays on this slate are fairly obvious, Ropz, BlameF, and K0nfig. All of them are fine plays, but aren’t so overwhelmingly likely to be the top scorers that you can’t look elsewhere.

I like all 3 of Syrson, Xantares, and Tabsen from Big. Of course, they all eat into each other’s stats a bit typically, but all of them are capable of putting up big scores.

From Fnatic, my favorite plays are Jackinho and Krimz. Brollan has been too inconstant lately, and just can’t seem to put together the big rounds needed for strong fantasy scores.

That’s it for me, good luck on Tuesday!


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