Flashpoint Season 3 kicks off on Monday. Unfortunately, it kicks off with 2 games a day, so you guessed it, more 2 game DK slates for us. It would really be nice if DK would start making slates of multiple tournaments, which they actually have done back when traditional sports were shut down in 2020, but they don’t seem to want to do it any more. The 2 games we have on the slate start at 12 pm (noon) EDT, and they are:

Vitality (78% implied win probability) vs DBL Poney

OG (50%) vs Astralis

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

None of these teams sub anymore, rosters are all correct on DK.

Slate Analysis

This slate is very similar to Saturday in that I think there’s a clear build that most people are going to use. That build is Zywoo captain in a Vitality 3 stack, then 1 or 2 value guys from either OG or Astralis paired with a stud or 2 from that game.

For GPP’s that’s probably going to lead to balanced ownership from the OG/Astralis game. What I mean by that is niko will have similar ownership to valde even though valde obviously projects way better. I also think Magisk is going to come in underowned given his high price and relatively poor stats. I like him a lot in GPPs, and I like Astralis as a whole a bit better than OG, simply because I think more ownership is going to land on OG. No one on Astralis has that good of stats going back 3 months (Device had the best stats but he’s obviously gone), so they don’t project very well. If they win, someone is going to be getting kills and therefore fantasy points.

In addition to playing Magisk, I think we can get an edge by one-offing a DBL Poney player. Unfortunately, DBL Poney are fairly balanced as a team so there isn’t one guy we can easily pick, but a DBL Poney one off could allow you to get 3 studs from the OG/Astralis game, which should be fairly unique. All 5 guys for DBL Poney are decent one-off options.

Top Captains

Zywoo is far and away the top captain on this slate. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit 35-40% at captain. There are a few players who can match his upside on the slate though. Valde, Mantuu, and FlameZ are all capable of putting up the 80+ that they’ll need to beat Zywoo, as are Dupreeh, Magisk, and maybe Bubzkji on the other side. If you MME, I’d get a bit of exposure to each of them at captain slot to go with your Zywoo.

The other place I’ll look will be to Shox. He should go virtually unowned at captain, and if Vitality stomp DBL Poney we could have the scenario where Zywoo doesn’t really go off because he doesn’t have to. In that case Shox could be the one doing most of the fragging and therefore taking the top DK spot. It’s also worth playing a lineup or two with him at captain in MME.

If you’re playing cash or single entry, just play Zywoo.

That’s it for me, good luck on Monday!



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