We’re down to a 3 game slate on Saturday, as Dreamhack continues. Lock is at 7:30 EDT, and the games are:

Vitality (51% implied win probability) vs Big

Complexity (61%) vs Furia

VP (54%) vs G2

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

No roster changes since the start of the tournament, none of these teams sub. Player pool is correct.

Slate Analysis

I like 2 “underdogs” and 1 favorite on Saturday. Both Big and G2 are basically in coinflips, but will likely have appreciably lower ownership than the “favorites” since they are priced relatively similar (not to mention the Zywoo effect). Tabsen and Nexa in particular are too cheap, and will fit the other studs. Those studs of course are Hunter, Niko, Syrson, and Xantares.

In the 3rd game, I’m not sure what’s happened to Furia lately. They’ve looked absolutely terrible, even Pain played them pretty closely. I expect Col to handle them pretty easily. K0nfig has cooled off a bit the past couple days, but he’s been great lately. BlameF has been below his usual standards, but still has huge potential. jks has also quietly been solid, as he’s finally looking comfortable in the roster. I like all 3 of them on Saturday.

Top Captains

Zywoo is of course going to be the highest owned captain on Saturday. He’s a fine play, but both K0nfig and BlameF have similar upside even if he plays well.

I also like Hunter quite a bit, as he’s been far and away G2’s best player lately. Big are a tough team to captain from, but if I do use one if would be Xantares or Sysron.

For VP, Yekindar looks to have found his form again, and can put up huge numbers when he’s on. Jame is usually reliable as well, and does sometimes go off for huge performances.

That’s it for me, good luck on Saturday!


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