After the huge 8 game slate Thursday, we’re back down to a 4 gamer on Friday. Your guess is as good as mine as to why Draftkings decided to cut off the 2 early games, but they did. Lock is currently at 10:15 (the earlier games are both scheduled for 10:45 starts) and the games are:

Complexity (51%) vs Astralis

Spirit (52%) vs VP

Heroic (66%) vs Big

G2 (57%) vs Mouz

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

These teams were all on Thursday’s slate. No roster changes since then and the player pool is correct. None of these teams sub.

Slate Analysis

Since we’re back to a 4 game slate, I’ll be going back to a 3/2/1 lineup build for my lineups.

A lot of this slate hinges on what you think of this new version of Astralis. We’ve only seen them play 1 map (Dupreeh did AWP btw), but I was a little surprised at how much credit they were given by Vegas. I would’ve expected the Device version to have been small underdogs against Complexity given the way both teams have been playing, so this new version being a coinflip is a bit surprising. I’d personally have it more like 60/40 in Col’s favor. Either way, K0nfig is my favorite play on the slate. Despite a quiet map Thursday, he has still be outstanding lately, and I’d expect more of the same against Astralis Friday. He’s way too cheap, but I’m hoping his ownership won’t be that high since the game is a “coinflip”, although it definitely could be.

On the Astralis side, Bubzkji is definitely too cheap. He was a very good player for Mad Lions, the last time we saw him playing full time, and $5.2k is simply too low. He’s priced like he’s only going to play 1 map.

I also like Chopper and Mir a lot. Both are too cheap and look to be strong values. This is another one where I was surprised to see the line in favor of Spirit, but given VP’s troubles lately, I do think this one is about correct.

On the other side, Jame is always a good play. He saves so much that even when VP loses he puts up fantasy points. He’s solid as either a one-off or in a stack with Yekindar.

Heroic are a weird team to play for DFS. Their best fantasy player, Cadian, is only 9th on the slate in FP/r over the past 3 months, even though Heroic have been playing great CounterStrike. The rest of the team are all bunched together in FP/r. Anyone can have a big game at any given moment, or they can simply have balanced kills. This is what makes them so good in reality but so hard to use in fantasy. Typically ownership flows to whoever is cheapest. Friday, that’s Refrezh. He’s definitely too cheap, and is a solid play, but I’m going to try to get away from him, at least somewhat, in GPP’s.

In the Mouz/G2 game, I really only love Ropz. Everyone else is priced fairly appropriately on a slate where there’s a bunch of players that are too cheap. Ropz definitely fits as too cheap though, and I’ll have plenty of him. I’ll some exposure to stacks, if I stack Mouz I’ll add Frozen to go with Ropz, and if I stack G2 Hunter and Niko are my favorites.

Top Captains

I’m a big fan of the midrange captains on this slate. K0nfig, Mir, Jame, and Ropz are my favorites. I like them both for raw point upside and point per dollar upside.

I like a balanced build overall, as pricing is quite a bit looser than it was on Thursday. There’s limited need to go to bottom fraggers in general.

That’s it for me, good luck on Friday!


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