Funspark Ulti continues on Wednesday, with another 2 game slate that locks at 8:00 am EDT. The games are:

Complexity (72% implied win probability) vs forZe

Dignitas (64%) vs Extra Salt

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

No sub risk or roster changes for any of these teams. Player pool is correct.

Slate Analysis

I think both underdogs here are not getting quite enough credit from Vegas. forZe just swept VP, sure it took roughly a million rounds on map 2 and was almost an epic collapse, but the resiliency to come back and win that map was impressive. I’m not saying they should be favored or anything, but the line feels a little steep in Col’s direction.

Same goes for Extra Salt against Dig. I think this Extra Salt team just might be legit. Fang it appears is actually good, and Sonic and MarkE are both solid riflers as well. oSee hasn’t even had a big game yet in Europe on his AWP either. JT is a solid IGL. Again, I don’t think they should be favored over a Dig team that’s been playing very well in their own right, but I do think the line should be a little bit closer.

Of course, this means I yet again like the underdogs, at least in GPP’s. Extra Salt are definitely the more likely to be higher owned, which makes forZe particularly interesting in GPP’s. From forZe, Fl1t and Zorte are the clear top 2, with Kensi and Jerry roughly tied for 3rd if you 3 stack (I also like Fl1t + Zorte with a Col run-back).

K0nfig’s price is also straight up broken, making him a really strong play. I expect him to be the highest owned player on the slate, and it likely won’t be that close. He’s way too cheap. Of course, this will probably drive ownership even further towards Col, so in some ways it makes me like forZe even more.

The hard part about both teams in the Dig/Extra Salt game is that both teams have 4 guys who could be the top scorer any given day, particularly with oSee being just OK for Extra Salt so far in Europe. Everyone in that game except JT and Friberg are solid plays, especially since it’s a 2 game slate.

Top Captains

Of all the teams on the slate, forZe have the most concentrated killshare. If you’re stacking them, I like Fl1t a lot at captain and Zorte isn’t a bad option either. Both have top score on the slate upside.

On the other side of that game, it’s been a while since we’ve seen BlameF have a huge game. At some point, one is coming. If Col wins, it could very well be on BlameF’s back. Poizon is also an interesting option, as I expect him to go slightly overlooked at captain as people with either pay all the way up for Blame or all the way down for K0nfig. K0nfig will likely be super popular, so if you’re captaining him in GPP’s, try to make yourself unique somehow. One way to do that is by leaving some money on the table. Granted, if you leave too much you’ll run into needing K0nfig to outscore BlameF or Poizon in raw points, but at somewhere in the ballpark of $800 left on the table you should be able to have a fairly unique lineup that still wouldn’t be able to afford BlameF captain instead.

I’ll definitely be using the majority of my captains from the Col/forZe game, because Dig and Extra Salt are hard to predict who is going to have the big game. It can be legit anyone from Dig outside of Friberg, so I’d say go with whoever you can fit if you want to captain someone from Dig (or to get unique in GPPs, leave some money on the table and take the 2nd or 3rd most expensive captain you can fit). From Extra Salt, you could bank on oSee returning to his NA numbers. He at least appears to be the clear top play on paper if you look longer term than the 5 maps the team has played in Europe. Sonic and Fang are also fine captain options.

That’s it for me, good luck on Wednesday!


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