We have another 2 game slate from Funspark Tuesday. Lock is at 8:00 am EDT again and the games are:

Big (70% implied win probability) vs Extra Salt

EG (56%) vs Dignitas

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

This will be Michu’s debut for EG, with Tarik leaving the competitive team. They’ve had at least a few days to practice with Michu, but still, it’s very new.

Slate Analysis

This slate really comes down to how quickly and how effectively EG have incorporated Michu. He should be an upgrade over Tarik in terms of raw aim and firepower, but it might take some time for the team to get comfortable playing together. They’re still slight favorites over Dignitas, but there may be a bit of “Dallas Cowboy Syndrome” aka the fan favorite team getting a little extra juice in that line. They just played Dig on April 6th and it took double OT after Dig blew a 13-6 lead while on CT side of train (map 3) for EG to pull out the win. Dig can definitely win in this spot.

I like Dig quite a bit in GPPs. Everyone except Friberg is in play for them. If you do play EG, make sur you’re away that Michu’s stats are inflated from his previous teams. I don’t expect his role to be terrible for EG, but I also don’t expect him to put up as good of stats as he was putting up in T3 CS against better competition. He’ll likely be a bit over-owned here.

I think the Big/Extra Salt game will likely be an afterthought for most people, they’ll lock 3 Big in and then spend their time deciding between EG and Dig. We’ve only seen Extra Salt play one series so far in Europe, a 2-0 loss to a very good Spirit team. Big have quietly looked really bad lately, losing to FPX, Renegades (this was a meaningless game, but still), dropping a map to Endpoint, and Havu. The Havu loss looks especially bad now after Havu looked like a team that didn’t belong in the same server as Col on Monday. Extra Salt is definitely live here, more live than their ownership will dictate at least. They’re my favorite GPP play on the slate. oSee, Sonic, Fang, and MarkE are all in play.

Top Captains

Given that I like Extra Salt quite a bit for GPPs, I also like oSee a lot at captain. He has insane numbers, yes they are against primarily NA competition, and if ES pull off the upset he’ll need to have a big game.

Brehze is my favorite captain from EG, and oBo has also flashed huge upside. I’ll likely stay away from Michu as I again think he’s going to be over-owned.

On the Dig side, Lekro and Forest are my favorite captains, but I won’t take Heap or Hallzerk out of my player pool either. All 4 can have big maps/series.

If you play Big, it’s been Tabsen showing the highest upside lately, he averages the most kills per round on the team. Of course, he also averages the most deaths per round, but the upside is there. Syrson is also a strong captain option, every now and then he has huge games. Xantares has been very meh lately, but can always have big games as he does have insane aim.

That’s it for me, good luck on Tuesday!

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