Monday we have another 2 game slate, this time from Funspark. It’s a mix of T1 and T2 teams, but the T2 teams are at least near the top so the games should be competitive. Lock is at 8:00 am EDT and the games are:

VP (78% implied win probability) vs forZe

Complexity (57%) vs HAVU

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

No sub risk or roster changes for any of these teams. Player pool is correct.

Slate Analysis

HAVU are a team that’s trying to break into the top tier of CS. They’ve been dominating the T2/3 scene, and faired decently well when they got to play top tier competition. They managed to beat both Big and NiP, and even took a map off Gambit. Their losses to SKADE and Apeks in their two most recent games are cause for minor concern, but make no mistake, this is a good team. Aerial has been a stud for HAVU, he’s basically tied with Yekindar for highest FP/r in the past 3 months on the slate. ZOREE (the AWPer) and xSeven are also strong fantasy performers, and slowli is decent for his price. Jemi is the only player I’m not super interested in on this team.

My hope is that the lack of name recognition will keep people away from HAVU to an extent. My fear is that because they fit slightly better with VP they’ll end up with close to the same ownership as Complexity. Of course, the Complexity side is also viable. jks has been playing pretty well of late, and shouldn’t have nearly as high of ownership as BlameF, K0nfig, or Poizon, I like him as a salary saver.

VP are going to be the mega chalk in this spot, and with good reason. ForZe can definitely keep this game competitive, they actually beat VP in a Bo3 back in December (it was a different forZe roster though), but the most likely outcome is a VP 2-0. They’re both expensive, but Jame and Yekindar are far and away the best players here. On the forZe side, Fl1t and zorte are interesting one-offs. Either could easily outscore the 3rd place player on VP if they keep it close. Of course, stacking forZe isn’t out of the question since it’s only a 2 game slate.

Top Captains

Jame and Yekindar are certainly the top captains if you can fit them. Yekindar is quietly just as aggressive as arT, so his fantasy numbers are always helped by 1st kills, while Jame’s are helped by the fact that he never dies. It’s called Jame Time for a reason.

Like I mentioned before, Aerial has the 2nd highest FP/r over the past 3 months, and is basically tied for 1st. He makes for a great captain play at what should be fairly low ownership. If HAVU do manage to win, he has huge potential. ZOREE and xSeven are also viable captain options.

From Col, I like BlameF the best, followed by Poizon. K0nfig tends to run hot and cold, and has recently been more on the cold side. Col have been off for a while recently though, so I’ll definitely have a couple K0nfig captain lineups in case he comes out of the gates hot.

I’ll have Fl1t and zorte in my captain pool, but I doubt I’ll use much of either of them.

That’s it for me, good luck on Monday!



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