We’re back with another 3 game slate on Sunday, our second to last of Group D and the group stage as a whole. Lock is back to 6am EDT, as Europe has finally undergone their daylight savings change, so if you wake up early (or stay up late for you west coasters) to check lineups, make sure you take that into account. The games are:

VP (71% implied win probability) vs Fnatic

Astralis (85%) vs Endpoint

Liquid (59%) vs EG

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Flusha and Bubzkji are no longer in the pool. Bubzkji is still technically on Astralis as far as I know, but he is no longer subbing in for Xyp9x on Nuke, and doesn’t appear to be subbing at all right now.

Slate Analysis

This will be a bit of a quick hitter tonight.

The Liquid vs EG game is going to be the one that makes or breaks the slate. Fnatic and Endpoint should and will have super low ownership. I think it should be a coinflip instead of Liquid favored, but pricing may end up leading more people to EG anyways. They’re too cheap. Brehze and Cerq are both underpriced.

On the Liquid side, Naf is a bit underpriced for how on fire he’s been, but everyone else looks about right.

Jame is still a little too cheap. Yekindar is a solid play. I have no interest in Fnatic. Even though they beat EG Saturday it was in classic Fnatic fashion, nobody but up a good DFS for them.

Xyp9x will likely see an ownership spike at only $6.2k, but he’s been straight up bad lately for Astralis. He has 3 maps with a positive KD in his last 20. I like using Robiin or Crucial instead of Xyp, even paired with Device and/or Dupreeh. It will save you enough money to let you be different.

Top Captains

It’s the usual suspects. Jame and Yekindar, Device and Dupreeh, Naf and Elige, Brehze and Cerq. The EG and Liquid players will likely go underowned because they don’t have the “safe” win like the other 4. They’re great for GPPs.

I’m unlikely to go with a value captain as I plan to run a 5k Endpoint player which will allow me to fit a top fragger at captain.

Good luck on Sunday!

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