Sunday marks day 2 of Group B, after a pretty exciting set of close games on day 1. Lock is at 7:00 am EST, and the games are:

NiP (53% implied win probability) vs Ence

Faze (57%) vs Mouz

Vitality (59%) vs G2

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Team rosters are the same as Saturday, the only error on DK is that Nivera is still listed, he does have an O symbol though. Don’t play him.

Slate Analysis

Like I said yesterday, this group is super wide open. All 6 of these teams are live, and pricing isn’t that bad, so I’m going to go heavy on the “underdogs” who are likely not to see a ton of ownership even though these games are slightly weighted coinflips at worst.

Ropz and Frozen are great plays from Mouz, and I don’t mind Acor as a 3rd with them. Dycha is my favorite target from Ence, but Allu and Spinx are also good plays.

Faze are the toughest underdog to pick plays from as Twistzz is still priced up and Broky has been bad lately. I’m likeliest to stick with the Vitality side here, as Zywoo is Zywoo and RpK is $4.2k.

My fade of the day is Niko. He now appears to be AWPing, and if you watched G2 play Mirage, let’s just say it didn’t go so well. Until Amanek takes over as primary AWP (he bought it a bunch of times as a secondary AWP on Mirage), I’m not super interested in Niko for DFS.

Top Captains

Zywoo is again the mostly likely player to be the top raw points scorer of the day. However, unlike Saturday where he was $200 (flex) more, Sunday Ropz is $1k (flex) cheaper than Zywoo. That savings is enough for me to slightly prefer him to Zywoo at captain, as Ropz also has insane raw upside (as we saw Saturday).

They are by far my 2 favorite captains, but others I will have in my player pool include Dycha, Frozen, Plopski, and Rez.

That’s it for me, good luck on Sunday!

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