Finally some new teams. Group B kicks off on Saturday, with 6 new teams that we’ll see for the next 5 straight slates. The games are back to a 6:00 am EST start time and they are:

Mouz (63% implied win probability) vs Ence

G2 (55%) vs NiP

Vitality (59%) vs Faze

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

There’s been a couple of big roster moves since we last saw these teams.

The biggest is probably the KennyS has left G2, and Jackz is back. It sounds like they’re going to run a kind of flex style where they don’t always have an AWP with this new lineup. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on them as the tournament goes. Both KennyS and Jackz are on Draftkings, but interestingly Jackz is marked as O while KennyS isn’t, don’t be fooled by this DO NOT PLAY KENNYS.

Vitality have also announced that they’ll be going back to a 5 man roster. This was a direct result of Valve announcing that teams would be penalized points in the major qualifier system for having a sub. It’s Nivera who will be the odd man out. He is in the player pool, DO NOT PLAY NIVERA. The good news for DFS is we no longer have to try and guess maps when it comes to Vitality, the 5 remaining players will be playing every map.

I’m not sure if Ence has been on a slate yet (maybe a T3 one?) but they’re basically Allu with a whole new roster. Draftkings has the roster correct with just the 5 right members.

Those are all the changes, everyone else has the correct rosters on DK.

Slate Analysis

With Vitality’s recent struggles and literally every team in the group having made at least 1 roster change in 2021, this group looks to be fairly wide open. This slate of course starts with Zywoo. At $9.4k he is simply too cheap. He’s an absolute lock in cash/single entry.  RpK will likely be the most popular stacking partner, as he’s only $4.8k. That’s simply too cheap even though he hasn’t been all that great lately. Interestingly, Misutaaa has the 2nd highest fp/r on the team over the past 3 months, and with people possibly missing the news of Nivera no longer playing combined with his priced he should go almost entirely unowned. He’s an interesting way to get unique in GPPs.

On the FaZe side, Broky has been on a real cold streak lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of changes made to how the team plays after bringing Twistzz into the fold or what it is, but he’s really struggled for 3+ months now. If FaZe are to win Saturday though, he’ll need to step up, and at only $6.6k his price is pretty attractive. Coldzera is also incredibly cheap at only $4.4k, even though he too hasn’t been the best of late. Twistzz has looked solid since joining the roster and could easily be their top scorer, but he’s expensive at $8.6k.

Outside of Zywoo I expect Mouz to be the chalk. Ence have only played 1 match in the last month, and they’ve been playing all T2/3 competition. Ropz is more expensive than Zywoo which may keep his ownership down a tad but I imagine many people will spring for both of them. Frozen is at a solid pricepoint at $8.2k, I think that’s probably about right but I still like him as a play. He’s played much better to start 2021 than he was playing at the end of 2020.

I am very intrigued by this Ence team. I do think Dexter is a bit outmatched making the move from Australia to Europe, which leaves Mouz vulnerable. It’s Dycha and Spinx leading the way for this new look Ence roster so far, along with Allu of course. Dycha is a tad pricey, but Allu is reasonable and Spinx is downright cheap. Any combination of them or all 3 are worth a look in GPP’s.

I’m not sure what to make of this new G2 roster. I do know that Jackz is massively overpriced, I will certainly not be playing him. Him getting the top pricing slot does seem to have pushed Niko down a bit, I like him for only $8.0k. Hunter is the secondary play I’m interested in, he’s $7.0k. Amanek is also interesting down at only $5.0k.

On the NiP side, Plopski has reestablished himself as the best player, after a long time of being average to below average. DK is on top of this though, as he’s way overpriced at $8.8k. Unfortunately, while Plopski has stepped up, Nawwk has stepped backwards, he’s really struggled over the past 3 months. That said he’s only $4.6k, so if you’re stacking NiP he’s worth playing. ztr is a promising young gun, but he’s extremely inconsistent, and his overall numbers are pretty bad since joining the main team. His amazing first game against Astralis is a distant memory at this point. Hampus has actually been the 2nd best fantasy performer over the past 3 months, so he’s the 3rd member I’ll be focusing on here.

Top Captains

It’s Zywoo and then it’s everyone else, and it will be all week. There’s plenty of value to help fit his captain salary and still get a couple more studs in your lineup, so I see no reason not to captain him outside of GPPs. In GPP’s you can hope Vitality loses or that he gets outscored even in a win. Players capable of outscoring him include:




Those are the players I’m interested in using at captain with Zywoo also in my lineup, aka I think he’s going to do well but they do better. If building lineups without Zywoo though, I’d open it up quite a bit.

Frozen, Allu, Spinx (partially for cost savings), Broky, Twistzz, and Plopski are also all worth considering especially if you are fading Zywoo.

That’s it for me, good luck on Saturday!

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