Real quick post today. I was planning on just discussing is discord, so make sure you’re in that (link at the top of the page), but with Discord service being spotty this morning, all of Discord, not just TESD Discord, I figured I’d put a quick post up.

The point of the post is: DON’T PLAY MAR OR BLOCKER on this slate. They are both no longer playing with Fate, Blocker as of the end of October and Mar officially as of about 7am EST. Their replacements aren’t in the player pool so this unfortunately leaves only 3 playable members of Fate.

Also, both favorites, Nexus and Espada, have clear top players. IM and Xellow for Nexus dominate their kill share while Degster is far and away the top fragger from Espada. I’m running a lot of 3/2/1 in order to fit all 3 with one at captain. I’m even running a bit of 2-1/2-1 since the lack of eligible Fate players is really going to concentrate ownership on this slate.

Anyways, that’s it from me, good luck today!

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