Blast continues on Monday with 3 more games. We see Cloud9 in their 2nd tournament after a somewhat disappointing debut in Flashpoint, as well as Godsent making their debut with Emi. The slate locks at 7:30 am EST again, and the games are:

Mouz (72% implied win probability) vs Godsent

NiP (70%) vs Cloud 9

Faze (56%) vs MiBR


This is an interesting slate in that I think both of the “big” underdogs are pretty live. Godsent have benched Krystal and honestly no matter how good his calling was, I find it impossible to believe emi isn’t an upgrade in the online CS era. This new C9 has yet to win a map, but they looked competitive against two very good teams in VP and OG, I’m not concerned about them yet.

I expect Mouz to be the chalk on this slate, specifically Ropz and Frozen. Ropz is the best player on the slate, and Frozen is likely the most misplaced player on the slate. Frozen had a really rough couple of months towards the end of the summer, but has started to find his footing again recently. At just $6.4k he is a strong play on this slate.

On the other side, Godsent are priced fairly high for being such large favorites, besides emi. DK slotted emi in like he’s the same level fragger as Krystal, while in reality he should be better. He makes for an okay value play in Godsent lineups. Speaking of Godsent lineups, a super low ownership Zehn, which he should be since he’s $8k as a huge dog, will always have my attention. I’ll definitely be over the field on him and Godsent as a whole, as I think they are a bit too big of underdogs.

Part of the reason I’ll be over the field, is because I think a decent amount of people are going to be on C9. They’re still the shiny new toy right now, and they are definitely cheap. Woxic is still underpriced, as he has impressive stats so far considering this team is 0-4. Floppy will likely have a breakout game at some point, and is only $5k, and Alex is a fragging IGL, yet is basically free at $4.2k. That said, I’ll mostly be on the NiP side here. They are also fairly underpriced outside of Rez, and I think people don’t give them quite enough credit as a team because they don’t have one stud player. My favorite play is actually Hampus, as his 3 month and 1 month fp/r are both right near Rez and Nawwk, yet he’s way cheaper than Rez and still $1k below Nawwk. Plopski and Twist are both significantly lower in fp points of late than the other 3, but their prices do reflect that so they aren’t terrible plays.

The final game is an interesting one. Both of these teams have exceeded expectations of late, and I don’t really have a read one way or the other on this matchup. I’ll have exposure to both sides here. On the MiBR side, both kngv- and trk are underpriced, I like them quite a bit. Faze are priced basically accurately, I’ll be on Broky and Coldzera mostly for raw point potential here. Rain has also had some huge maps lately, so I’ll have a bit of him as well.

Top Captains

I expect Ropz to be the most popular captain play on the slate. I’ll definitely have plenty, but I’ll probably be a bit under the field as I like to spread my captain out a bit when there’s no S1mple’s or Zywoo’s on the slate. Zehn is a great captain pivot on the other side of the matchup. He’s probably my favorite captain play on the slate. That doesn’t mean I’m going to have a ton of him, but even 5-10% captain should be well above the field.

Captaining anyone from NiP is always tough because they’re so balanced, I’ll probably have a bit of Hampus and Nawwk but not much. On the C9 side I’ll have a bit of Woxic.

From Mibr, both kNgV and trk are interesting, I’ll have a bit of each. Lastly, on Faze I’ll be on Broky and Coldzera as they are the two likeliest to put up a big score in a win.

Good luck on Wednesday!

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