It’s the final day of the Legends Stage, and we have a 3 game slate of teams that are 2-2. It’s win or go home, which means the games are all bo3. Lock is at 6:00 am EDT, and the games are:

Vitality (69% implied win probability) vs Entropiq

Faze (57%) vs Virtus.Pro

NiP (63%) vs Copenhagen Flames

Sub Risk/Player Pool Issues

Player pool appears correct.

Slate Analysis

As always, Zywoo should suck up all the rostership in his game. This should leave Entropiq as easily the lowest rostered team on the slate. For that reason, I like them a good bit in GPP’s. The problem is they’re too damn balanced. El1an is definitely the top FP/r guy, but he doesn’t put up elite numbers, and it’s a jumbled mess behind him. I like Entropiq as a 2 or 3 man flex stack, El1an and then close your eyes and throw a dart at the other one or two.

In the Faze vs VP series, I’m all over Faze. I expect that because VP are so cheap they’ll end up decently highly rostered as people do whatever they can to fit Zywoo and Device. I’m going to stick with the Faze side. Everyone knows Twistzz and Broky are DFS studs, but Rain has been absolutely tearing it up lately. He leads the whole slate in improvement from 3 months to 1 month, which I’m looking at because for most of these teams 1 month basically coincides with being back on LAN. Rain used to be a star, and it looks like being back on LAN has unlocked him again. He’s a great play on this slate at only $7.0k.

Lastly, it appears I’ve found my new team that I can’t quit since FPX can’t qualify for any T1 tournaments. That is of course Copenhagen Flames. Now, on this slate it’s partly that I like CPFL and partly that I think NiP are a fraud team, but I’m again all over Copenhagen. They’re too cheap, and I think more like 45% underdogs vs the 37% Vegas has given them. Roej loves to let me down, hopefully he doesn’t on this slate. Behind him, Nicodooz, Jabbi, and Zyphon all score more or less the same, so feel free to use any of them.

Top Captains

There’s a good amount of value on this slate, so I’m looking for raw points. As always, that conversation starts with Zywoo. I will never blame you for playing him, but do keep in mind he’s going to be super-popular, especially since pricing isn’t that tight.

It’s absolutely insane that Device costs more than Zywoo, but that should keep his rostership in the captain slot at almost 0. He’s an interesting GPP play.

Twistzz is in that same boat, as he’s priced close enough to Zywoo that almost everyone will just pay the extra few hundred to get Zywoo captain. Again, interesting GPP option. Other players who can outscore Zywoo when he’s on include Yekindar and Roej. I like both of them at captain, as neither should have a ton of rostership and they offer upside plus some price savings.

My dark horse captain of the day is Rain. He’s a good captain to play in all-favorite lineups. If all 3 favorites win, Rain has a decent shot at being the best point per dollar play, and that will likely matter in that case.

I’m very unlikely to go cheaper than Rain at $7k (flex) in the captain slot. I don’t think we need the salary that much on this slate.

Good luck on Tuesday!

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