We have another nice 5 game slate on Sunday. The tournaments are of course a bit small since football is on, but we have some interesting matchups nonetheless. Slate locks at 8 am EST again, and the games are:

VP (79% implied win probability) vs Gen.G

G2 (69%) vs North

OG (58%) vs Cloud 9

Big (74%) vs Ence

TeamOne (83%) vs Rebirth


This will be something of a quick hitter, as the slates are pretty small since it’s Sunday and to be honest I don’t have a huge amount of time to write (I spent my normal amount of time researching).

A quick note on G2 before I jump in. When they added Niko, they said they were going to give both Amanek and Jackz a chance before deciding who to keep. Last tournament Amanek got first crack at it, and played really well. It appears this tournament is Jackz’ chance. He did bottom frag in their loss to NiP, so it’s possible that G2 make up their minds in favor of Amanek, but my guess is Jackz will stay in for this whole tournament. Honestly, even if we get clarity before the matchup, neither would be in my player pool anyways.

Ownership on this slate should be fairly spread out except for one spot. There aren’t any underpriced favorites, and there are 3.5 (considering G2 to be the .5) big favorites. This should spread the ownership fairly evenly across them. The one spot I expect to be heavily owned is Woxic. OG just got embarrassed by a Gen.G team that they should have crushed, and they now face a C9 team that handled themselves pretty well in a tough first test against VP. Woxic remains massively underpriced at only $5.2k. Even though he’s going to be chalk, he’s again basically a free square. Unlike last time when I also wanted to play VP, OG is priced accurately. Alex is also an interesting option at $5.8k. I mentioned in my last writeup that he frags well for an IGL, and he showed this to be true in their 1st game. The only other underdog I’m really interested in is Koosta. I don’t think Gen.G will have another miraculous upset against VP, but he’s far too cheap at only $4.8k. There’s simply no way he should be the cheapest player on their team. There’s a slightly higher chance he puts up an absolute dud than Woxic, but if I want to jam some expensive favorites, I need value, so he’ll be in most of my lineups along with Woxic.

Outside of them, I’m basically just on the favorites. I prefer T1 > G2 > Big > VP (because I’ll be using so much Koosta, VP themselves are a fine play). From T1 I’ll have a bit of everyone, with Maluke being the only player I’m not excited to put into my lineup. From G2 it’ll be Hunter, Niko, and KennyS. From Big it’ll be Xantares and Syrson, maybe with K1to mixed in if I need the savings. And from VP it’ll be Buster, Jame, and Yekindar in my player pool.

Top Captains

I’ll be running a lot of Woxic captain in this spot. That will let me stack the rest of my lineup with studs, and Woxic has just as much upside as anyone on this slate.

I like prt and KennyS in the mid range, and if I go to the high end I like Hunter, malbsMD, and Syrson quite a bit. I’ll have everyone I mentioned above in my captain pool, but these are my favorite plays.

Good luck on Sunday!

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