It’s a 2 game slate on Friday, with a couple of games from Republeague. It’s a bunch of teams from the what I’d call “1-b” slate, so it’s solid teams and should be a decent slate as far as 2-gamers go. Lock is at 10am EDT and the games are:

Entropiq (57% implied win probability) vs Dignitas

Fiend (77%*) vs Eternal Fire

*I had a lot of trouble finding odds for this for whatever reason, so I may update if I see them on the normal sites.

Sub Risk/Player Pool Issues

Mirbit is in the pool (for Eternal Fire). He stood in for them for a couple matches immediately after ISSAA but as far as I know Xfloud is still playing. Xfloud is also listed on HLTV. Don’t play Mirbit.

Slate Analysis

This slate is fairly straightforward from a “what is the field going to do” perspective. They’re going to play a ton of Fiend, a lot of Entropiq, and a bit less Dignitas than Entropiq. Very few people will have Eternal Fire. It’s what always happens on 2 game slates where there’s 1 big favorite and 1 “close” game.

This means the obvious way to differentiate is to play Eternal Fire. That’s one way to go for the slate, Eternal Fire + Dignitas in particular is a strong GPP play. However, with how much Eternal Fire have struggled playing them doesn’t feel great. Let’s see if there’s anything else we can do to get different on this slate.

Fiend – Dreamer is underpriced here, which will likely lead to him having a ton of rostership. While he’s an excellent play, and absolutely should be in any cash/SE lineup, I like a Fiend stack without Dreamer in GPPs. Victor in particular should be under-rostered because he’s the guy who is overpriced as Dreamer has been priced too low.

Entropiq – I’m honestly not sure how the rostership will land within Entropiq. All 5 players score relatively similarly. My gut tells me this will lead to Krad being the guy who is under-rostered. He’s 2nd on the team in price, but 3rd in FP/r over 3 months. Playing Krad should be the best way to get different within Entropiq

Dignitas – I’m not sure how much you need to get different here, but Heap over Lekro and/or Forest is an interesting way to do so. They haven’t played much this month, but Forest have really struggled in the games they have played. Of course, they’ve been losing and if they win Forest is likely to play better, but it’s worth noting.

Top Captains

I like Hallzerk a lot at captain, although he’ll definitely be popular within Dignitas teams.

Another move I like is to play Dreamer at captain and leave salary on the table. He has the raw points upside to be the top scorer on the slate, so going him over someone like h4rn at captain when you have the money for h4rn should make your lineup different.

I’m looking for raw points at captain on this slate. Other than the two I already mentioned, I like h4rn himself, El1an, Redstar, and Xantares. Victor and Krad are also interesting options because they should be very low rostered, although they’re GPP plays only.

That’s it for me, good luck on Friday!

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