We have a fun 4 game slate on Wednesday. Lock is at 7:30 am EDT and all 4 games run simultaneously, so it’ll be a quick slate too. The games are:

fnatic (74% implied win probability) vs Eternal Fire

Entropiq (54%) vs Mad Lions

Forze (56%) vs Gamerlegion

Sinners (58%) vs Skade

Sub Risk/Player Pool Issues

Surprisingly, the player pool is completely correct (with a little help from KingJ and others who reached out to get Smooya added). Forze only has 4 players but that’s because they only have 4 players on their roster currently, with Fl1t and Almazer having left the team recently. Even more surprisingly, there are no extra players who are no longer on the roster anywhere.

No sub risk from any teams either.

Slate Analysis

This slate is almost too good, legitimately all 8 teams are very live. I think Fnatic are way too big of favorites over Eternal Fire. Sure, Smooya has been tearing it up since joining, but I don’t think he magically solved all of this team’s problems. Eternal Fire did lose ISSAA, but they still have plenty of firepower.

That said, I won’t be going super overboard on Eternal Fire because I also like the other 3 underdogs. My favorite of the group is GamerLegion. That line is a complete guess. Forze just lost their best player (Fl1t), and we don’t even know who the 5th is. Gamerlegion are an excellent GPP play on this slate, with Im being their top target. isak is also too cheap, he’s barely behind 2nd place in FP/r over 3 months and actually has the 2nd spot (just barely) over the past month.

SKADE and Mad Lions are both also excellent plays on this slate. Rostership should be low on all the underdogs since it’ll be split around all of them. I’ll have an underdog stack (either 3 stack or 2 stack) in likely every single one of my lineups on this slate. The combination of chance to win and low rostership make them all strong plays.

Top Captains

Woro2k, IM, and Xantares are my favorite captain plays on the slate, in keeping with the theme of underdogs. All 3 of them can pop off in a win and their underdog status should keep rostership reasonable. I don’t love any captain from SKADE because they score a lot more evenly.

If you do want to go with a favorite, Smooya has been great for Fnatic. Neofrag has also been excellent of late and is a fine captain.

One player I do not like even though he profiles well is Norwi. This is a big step up in competition for him, and I’d expect his numbers to fall a bit.

If you want to go with a more value captain, which I don’t really think you need since I like underdogs so much, Alex is underpriced and Fnatic are technically big favorites. Jerry is also a fine option as are Krimz and Zedko.

That’s it for me, good luck on Wednesday!

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