With both NA and EU off Wednesday, we are left with a slate of 4 CIS games. The games are:

Nemiga (63% implied win probabilty) vs Hellraisers

Spirit (59%) vs Gambit

Navi (85%) vs K23

VP (72%) vs Espada

A couple of quick notes here for those that maybe played CIS back in the 9 to 5 days of the player break but haven’t followed much since:

Gambit is the old Gambit Youngsters team, they finally bumped their title up as it was really strange that they had a backup/academy style team without an a parent team for a while. It’s still Sh1ro and crew though.

Also, K23 is the Syman Gaming squad, just rebranded. It’s all the same players.


What immediately jumps out to me on this slate, and likely everyone else, is that VP are criminally underpriced. For whatever reason Buster is up at $8.8k but the rest of VP are all far too low. Jame at $7.4k, Yekindar at $6.6k and Qikert at $7k are all far too cheap. Even Sanji is playable at $4.6k. Now, at a 72% implied win probability, VP isn’t a completely free square, but assuming they do win, it’s hard to see 2 if not 3 of these guys paying off their meager salaries and then some. I’ll have a VP stack in most if not all of my lineups.

The second thing that jumps out at me on this slate is how underpriced lollipop21k and mir are. Pricing is definitely looser in general than it has been on NA slates of late, but both players are priced around or below players on underdogs on this slate. I’ll have lots of both players. If you want a stacking partner for mir, iDisbalance is your best bet, as he’s the number 2 fantasy producer for Spirit. For Nemiga, Jyo and/or Speed4k are the best stacking partners.

Last but certainly not least of the favorites, we have Navi. S1mple was uncharacteristically off on Tuesday, as Navi struggled against Cyber Legacy, needing all 3 maps and 28 rounds in each of their wins to claw their way to a win. Hopefully this lowers his ownership a bit, as I’ll be looking to load up. With all of the value on other favorites, it’s easy to fit S1mple’s $10.6k salary. Electronic on the other hand, may go overlooked on this slate. He’s priced only $800 short of S1mple at $9.8k, but he has somewhat quietly picked his performance back up of late. His +34 k-d in only 45 rounds against Heroic really showcased his upside. I’ll either pair him with S1mple or run him as a one off. I’ll be staying away from Boombl4, as he tweeted that he may have Covid and looked pretty sick on camera Tuesday. It’s highly unlikely that he misses the game, as doing so would really hurt Navi’s RMR points, but I doubt he’ll be in top form.

As for the underdogs on this slate, the only one I’m not interested in is K23. Even with an under the weather Boombl4 Navi is simply too good and there are too many other solid options. My favorite underdog on the slate is Gambit. I’m actually a little sad they’ve dropped the “Youngsters” title, as I think it lured people into thinking this team isn’t as good as it is. Make no mistake, this is a solid team, especially since they added Hobbit. With Sh1ro priced 3rd highest on the slate as an underdog, I expect him to come in pretty low owned. He definitely has the ability to post the top score on the slate. Ax1le is the best stacking partner, and should also come in low owned considering his $7.6k salary is above that of Jame and company for VP.

HellRaisers score very balanced as a team, no individual options stand out. That said, Problem is only $5.0k, and is a solid salary saver if you need it (aka if you are fading VP).

Espada should see very little ownership with how cheap VP is tomorrow. Degster is more expensive than everyone on VP besides Buster. Patsi is the same price as Qikert and more than Yekindar. Those 2 and/or Dima make for a really interesting pivot play off of the VP chalk.

Top Captains

As he does on any slate that doesn’t contain Zywoo, S1mple projects for the highest raw points on the slate. That said, at $10.6k it’s hard to pay up for him at captain and make a lineup that you feel good about all 5 players with. I much prefer paying down a bit at captain as it allows for a much stronger overall lineup. I do like Electronic as a pivot, but he doesn’t save you a ton of money so I wouldn’t go overboard here.

Lollipop21k and mir are both strong captain plays, as they both come at a $2k (flex price) or more discount from S1mple.

However, my favorite plays on the day come from VP. Yekindar and Jame in particular are my favorites, the two of them plus Qikert all make for nice salary savers who also have upside to at least score close to S1mple. Even Sanju is a little bit interesting at captain as he is so cheap you can fit almost anyone else that you want. Even 60 from him would have your lineup in a great spot.

From underdogs, Sh1ro is a solid captain play at would should be very low ownership. Axile is also an interesting pivot off of VP captains at a similar price point.

I won’t have any captains from Hellraisers since they spread their scoring out so much.

From Espada, I’ll captain Degster and Dima, Dima mostly for the extreme cost savings. I think Patsi might go a tad overowned in general and at captain after his monster performance on Tuesday.

That’s it for me, good luck Wednesday!

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