Unlike Wednesday where there were originally 3 scheduled games and one was postponed, Thursday there are only 2 games schedule. Lock is at least a bit later, 9:30 am EDT, so that’s nice. The games are:

VP (65% implied win probability) vs Movistar Riders

Liquid (87%) vs 9z

Sub Risk/Roster Changes

Player pool looks good.

Slate Analysis

At least there’s one interesting game on this slate? I’m of course referring to Movistar Riders vs VP. Movistar just got done with going to toe to toe against some of Europe’s best, on LAN at that, and held their own and then some. Meanwhile VP’s most recent series was a loss to Entropiq which included a 16-1 thrashing on Vertigo. There are rumors that Sanji is going to be benched soon in favor of Fl1t. VP may not exactly be in the best form for this series. I like a Movistar Riders 3 stack quite a bit in GPP’s. If you want to play a 2-stack and one-off from VP that’s fine, however as I always mention when VP are on a slate, I don’t like Yekindar one off. The reason for that is he’s so aggressive and takes so many opening duels that when’s he’s putting up big numbers VP is usually winning off those kills. He’s not getting a kill or two while guys are hunting him down during a save *cough* Jame *cough*. However, those kills are what make Jame a good one off, as he’s going to get his regardless of how VP actually does.

In the other game, it’s Fallen chalk day. Last time Fallen was chalk he absolutely popped off for the first time in months. He has been playing generally better lately, so I won’t be going that far out of my way to fade him, but I’ll likely end up under the field. Stewie has really stepped up his game lately, he and Elige have been crushing the weak NA competition of late. Even though they’re back in Europe, they’re playing an SA team, so I’d expect more of the same domination from the pair. They’re my top 2 targets for Liquid.

I won’t be stacking 9z, but try one off is interesting, his FP/r numbers are up there with the S1mple’s and Zywoo’s of the world.

Top Captains

Because I’m playing a lot of Movistar Riders, that opens up the expensive captains. Elige is my favorite, but Stewie and Naf are both also worth a look from Liquid. Sunpayus is my favorite captain on the Movistar Riders side, but both Mopoz and Alex are also worth considering. Keep in mind that Liquid + MR will likely still be popular even if it’s not as popular as Liquid + VP, so leaving extra money on the table with an Alex captain is a solid way to differentiate your lineup.

That’s it for me, good luck on Thursday!

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