It’s been a quiet week since there haven’t been any games in the four major regions to write about. It’s been a much needed break for me after the insane six week stretch we just went through with the condensed schedule, writing for multiple sites, and still working my full-time gig. What you can expect moving forward in the next couple of weeks:

1) Summer Futures positions
2) Summer Tier lists for each region
3) Recap of my Spring split in more detail
4) More streaming opportunities for me over at
5) The Gold Card Podcast every week still!
6) Some big things prepared for next season that I’m really excited for

You probably won’t hear too much from me other than that in the coming weeks as this is the only real downtime I’ll get to unwind until November with the Summer season and then worlds shortly after that. I’ll still be active on Twitter in this time with any questions though!

Let’s recap the other semi-final from earlier this week.


That’s two playoff series where I’ve been absolutely gutted by laying heavy juice on map totals like an absolute moron. It’s why I tend to avoid that bet. It’s not indicative of a lot of except in situations where you have a team that you think is superior but very inconsistent and even then you want good odds on it. I laid -400 and an idiotic 8 units with the idea in my head of taking the W there for 2 and getting a 3-1 on either side for a quarter and the rest covering for itself but in reality just looking at my staking for this series there’s just all sorts of logical problems. (shoutout to @JP_IronWolf for calling my out on this)

On bets of 3.4u or higher this season I went 2-7. Three of those were -400 plays on the OVER 3.5 maps in the past week that went 1-2 for a net of -11u. Unacceptable not because of the side or idea being unjustified but because of staking.

Just don’t do it… it’s not that complicated. I constantly preach that the map total is one of the most deceptive bets in the LOL market and then I do this? Play it small in the spots where it actually makes some sense or don’t play it at all.

Staking problems/inconsistency is not an unfamiliar thing for me. I used to be absolutely unintelligable (just read some of my posts from past years). I’ve improved my staking plan overall significantly this season but I’ve still had a few lapses in judgement. It still needs improvement and it’s been the biggest reason why I’m going to finish the spring slightly in the red on straight wagers. This is something I’ll be planning to re-evaluate heading into summer.

I’ll be doing my normal mid-season evaluation post sometime this week or next week but this was not a great spring for me and it’s normally when I do quite well. Considering that my overall read on the eastern leagues was much more accurate than last year and I just blew it away on stupid shit is a bit frustrating but hey, you live, you learn. I’m just a guy that’s trying to get better at this and there’s still clearly a lot of work to be done.

Moving on to the actual series…

It was significantly closer than the 3-0 final result indicates. These were close, high level games from both sides. I thought FPX did a lot of things well but JDG seemed to come out on top in almost every situation similar to how FPX beat EDG. Yagao picking Leblanc INTO Doinb’s Ryze in game three was just the biggest display of confidence I’ve seen in awhile. That took balls and you know what? He made it work even though it wasn’t looking good for awhile.

By no means was this perfect from either side but it sure as hell was a fun series to watch. We even got to see an LCK impression in the first game. To me, this was the real final. I had these two teams #1 and #2 before the season started but with how good TOP have looked who knows, perhaps we have a barn burner on our hands.

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